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2 Sep

Hair trends for 2020

A hair revolution is about to happen and you’re going to want to be a part of it. Cutting and dying our own hair is going to be a thing of the past – we promise, but trends that come out of this are as exciting as that first, fresh trip to the salon.  

 We have previously spoken to Laura Sagen, owner of The Hair Fuel and hair expert. Laura is a science major who created her own hair mask formula. She knows what it takes to make hair look and feel great! 

So what trends will help our hair? I hear you cry! Well, we know that now is the time to experiment with different trends and styles. Laura has listed below the top seven (deadly) trends for (the rest of) 2020.  

1. ‘Twilighting’ is a cool and much needed hair trend, combining natural shades inspired by the golden hues swirled through the sky at sunset. This style is perfect for those who have let their natural colours come through and perfectly faded the browns and blondes together. It’s for those who are looking for something that is low maintenance, but doesn’t lose its look. Natural beauty looks good on you!  

2. Sharp bobs are the classic haircut keeping your style on edge. If your hair is in need of some TLC, taking it back to basics with a sexy, chic bob will help give your hair the bounce it needs. Try shaking things up with a colour that makes your personality shine, you’ll start to ooze confidence. 

3. Long hair, don’t care. If you’re not a fan of the bob, don’t fear, long hair is still here. Many of us have been growing our hair out and working with what we have got. I am a massive fan of long hair and I think, when natural, it looks beautiful and the styling options are endless. Long hair is succinct with the boho trends and it’s the perfect complement to our natural sides, which we have all been recently embracing. So, hang loose and let the good hair roll.  

4. Natural grey is in, and you don’t have to hide it anymore. Grey is the ultimate zero maintenance, the ‘I woke up like this hair colour. Embrace your natural roots and become the silver siren you were always destined to be. Grey screams confidence, ownership and empowerment and fits the trend of being yourself, unapologetically.  

5. If you’re not ready to go there yet, there’s an option for you at the opposite end of the scale. Bright colours are making a appearance in hair trends, but don’t go the full way, try adding a little colour here and there to add some texture and tussle. A few strands of rose pink, or denim blue, or silver to take things up a notch. 

6. Braids are a hairstyle that is coming back strong. Braids are the ultimate summer trend, but are also great for protecting your hair. Did you know that hair is less likely to break or split in a braid? Braids are the new ponytail and are perfect for enhancing any hairstyle. Style and substance  – who knew! 

7. Accessories. Think scrunchies, headbands, pearl and rhinestone hair clips, and wait for it….fresh flowers. Hair accessories are a fun and easy way to dress up any hairstyle and are great for any occasion. They’re ideal for when you want to freshen up your look when working from home. They are also great for adding some sparkle to two (or three) day old hair, or adding some texture to both your hairstyle and your outfit.  

Your hair needs you this summer, so I recommend checking out Instagram and Pinterest for more inspiration on how to make your hair happy. Go big, go bold, and go to the salon! You deserve it boo!  
Hayley Smith

Boxed Out PR is an independent PR and marketing company. We pride ourselves on our creativity and work hard to develop our client's creative vision, guaranteeing them memorable campaigns and excellent results.

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