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20 Oct

Getting your skin ready for AW’19/20

We are getting closer to those cold winter nights and our skin needs to be ready for the change.

Blissed with a few hot days this summer, naturally bronzed skin that glows from within has been the aim we all wanted and trying to achieve. It’s been the talk this summer with so many products claiming to give you that glow! Now winter is fast approaching we need to consider the elements and how our skin needs that extra bit of TLC to carry us through.

If you’re not cleansing, toning and moisturizing, now is the perfect time to start!

This Trio from Monoskin is perfect for all skin types. It’s great for those that have sensitive areas and is foolproof, an easy combo that gives you everything you need for a good foundation to your skincare routine.

Treat your skin once a week to a hydrating face mask, choose one that is packed with moister as this will help to plump and rehydrate your skin. Keep them in the fridge for a cooling de-puffing effect. Perfect for tired eyes.

Serums have recently come on scene more and If I’m being honest It took me a while to look into them. I worried they were going to make my skin look oily and greasy. How wrong was I! They are amazing and I have added it into my morning & night skincare routine. My go-to at the moment is my Pixie Glow Serum. Just a few drops and my face looks and feels so hydrated, glowing and fresh.

The cold air is bad for drying and taking the moister out of your face causing it to look dull and lifeless. You may find your trusty foundation just isn’t applying the way it used to, epically around the nose and T zone. Investing In a great primer and base for your foundation will help give you that flawless skin.

Clinch pep start is my go-to in the winter, it’s a good hydrating moisturiser cream that acts as a barrier from the harsh cold but also creates a blurred effect on the skin ready for foundation. I like to use this on its own for a no-makeup day or underneath my foundation as my primer.

A face mist like a rose tonic can give your skin the perfect pick me up through the day if you have been commuting that morning by lunchtime your skin may feel dry, and tight. Spritz your face to help add moister back to your face without ruining your makeup. It will help to ease that cakey feeling.

Your lips! We have all been there, your lips have been fine and then suddenly your caught off guard without your lip balm and there sore and cracking.

I have a little lip routine that I swear by.

Invest in a moister rich intense lip balm for bedtime, apply a generous layer on and leave it like an overnight mask, to sink into your lips. I have been using Bali Balm, I wake with the softest lips ready for my makeup.

A hydrating lip liner that’s smudge and waterproof is the perfect base before you put on your liquid lip, I’m obsessed with Doucce at the moment I either use as a liner to detail the lip shape or as an all-over colour. It doesn’t budge or crack throughout the day. As an affordable top-up balm, I keep my Dr pawpaw on me 247, it’s perfect for applying on the go when needed.


What small changes are you going to make to get your skin ready?

Saffron Baker

Hey Angel, I’m Saffron Baker a 27-year-old Mum & Wife to two monkeys (boys 6 & 4) I am a Blogger, Content Creator and Free-lance writer from home around my little tribe, it’s my passion and keeps my creative brain satisfied. Iced Coffee is the way to my heart! I love chatting all things Beauty, Lifestyle, home renos/ decor and parenting! Hugely into the whole raw, no filter approach to social media. You will normally see me on my Instagram stories, in my PJ's hair on top of my head, no makeup talking about the highs and lows of life and my new obsessions. I just love a good natter and connecting with other like minded galls.

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