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Fragrances for Spring

We give you the lowdown on our favourite spring scents for her. Here are the best spring fragrances for women – from fresh and floral to woody and earthy.

When you think of fragrances for Spring, your mind probably wonders to all things fresh and floral. Most of us have been stuck inside for a whole year and whilst the world is slowly reopening, things are at somewhat of a standstill. Your fragrances dont have to be however.  

Were giving you the lowdown on our must have favourite scents for this Spring. Wear them around the house or on your daily walk to put a little spring’ in your step (pun intended). 

D&G Light Blue has been around forever and is one of the brands best-selling fragrances. This staple scent reminds us of those summers we never spent on the coast of Southern Italy. With a blend of apple, bluebells, white rose and bamboo, D&G Light Blue will make those days working from home a little less blue.  

Fun fact: Zara fragrances are some of the best on the market. Not only are they affordable, there is one for everyone, whether you prefer something woody, feminine, floral, or musky. At Cohorted, we absolutely love the Asian inspired Cashmere Rose’. The notes of lotus flower, peach and white musk will make everyone around you want social distancing to be a thing of the past. Get it before it sells out, you heard it here!  

If you remember when Britney Spears released the original Fantasy fragrance, its time to invest in a decent eye cream. We couldnt resist adding a Britney fragrance to our list because they are iconic, from the scent to the longevity. Fantasy in Bloom reminds us of cherry blossom season in Japan with notes of red berries, green mandarin and of course Sakura cherry blossom. If you cant get to the Tokyo Olympics, this will be the closest thing.  

Gucci Bamboo is the red carpet fragrance were eyeing for this spring, as everyone will be asking you Who are you wearing?Unlike the other selections on this list, Gucci Bamboo is on the woodier side of the fragrance spectrum with base notes of sandalwood, top notes of Italian bergamot, and heart notes of ylang ylang. Gucci Bamboo is the fresh scent you never knew you needed, oozing power and strength. Perfect for those days when the Wi-Fi cuts out.  

Whilst this may not be the most fresh’ and floral’ scent in our round up, we couldnt not include the powerful Black Lotus fragrance from the vegan brand, Floral Street. This rebellious scent smells like the story of the bad boy who got away in a black vegan leather jacket. With notes of centifolia rose, red peppercorn and saffron, this fragrance lingers in the air like the memory of the one that got away.  

What scent will you be reaching for this Spring? Let us know by Tweeting us or Dm-ing us on Instagram.  


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