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Face Rollers Vs. Gua Sha

Rollers and Gua Sha face tools are having a huge moment right now in the great big beauty sphere and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soonDid you knowthat they actually go back thousands of years? If you ask us, that really is a phenomenal testament to beauty, especially when so many other trends come and go.

But what actually are Face Rollers and Gua Sha? What do they do? And do they really work? Whether you’ve tried them or not, let us be your guides.


The Gua Sha (Gua meaning ‘to scrape’ and Sha meaning ‘petechiae’- tiny, flat red, purple spots) is a flat tool, usually made of semi-precious stones such as jade and rose quartz and often resembling a heart-shape, that works into the contours and pressure points of your face. The great thing is that there are countless Gua Sha tools out there so you’ll have no trouble finding one to suit you.

The Gua Sha has an impressive history stretching all the way back to ancient Chinese medicine. They were thought to be used when people became ill by rubbing the tool onto various parts of the body, scraping the pressure points to alleviate pain and to rid the body of diseases. Over time they have become big in facial massage as a way of promoting good circulation around the face and helping to drain the lymphatic system while simultaneously getting rid of nasty toxins. With good and consistent use, many people have reported noticing an overall decline in the puffiness of their face. Many have also said that they have been able to successfully contour and tone their facial muscles. 

Getting a Gua Sha massage from a professional can really help your skin, as they focus on the areas of the face and body that need relief. However, one of the biggest pros about using a Gua Sha is that you can do it yourself at home during your daily skin-care routine. 

If you are new to using the Gua Sha tool, there are countless resources on the web, including detailed YouTube videos that show you the best areas to target and how to get the top results. We particularly love Face Gym for their simple yet effective guidance on how to use your shaped tool effectively.

While a Gua Sha should not hurt you or leave you in pain, it can leave temporary bruising and flushing to the skin. These are part of the treatment and are literally in the name. Any marking on the skin should subside within a few hours and in many cases is showing that your body is doing its thing to flush out those toxins and kick off your improved circulation. If you are worried about pain anywhere in your body, we would always advise that you seek medical help. Nevertheless, through our stressful lives, we are often unaware of just how much stress can manifest itself within our muscles. Particularly our face. Using a Gua Sha may even help you to release some of that tension that you are holding. Relaxation and good skin? It’s easily a win, win for us!


Much like the Gua Sha, a face roller is often made from semi-precious stone too – the most popular at the moment being rose quartz and jade. The face roller simillarly shares a long history with its close relative the Gua Sha and throughout its long history, these stones have been thought to bring the user great healing properties to their skin and body. Ancient Chinese beauty advertised the roller as a tool to keep women’s skin beautiful and ageless. Can we say for sure that it does this? No. We can however say that there are some wonderful benefits from using a face roller within your at-home beauty routine.

You can easily learn from the internet how to use them but even experimenting with techniques yourself can reap rewards. Face rollers gently glide over your face and have been thought to help reduce wrinkles- including under-the-eye creases. (Please be careful when using under your eyes though. The skin there is much more delicate) Our top tip to using a face roller, is to use it alongside your day/night skin-care routine. Add your face serum and moisturiser as usual and use the roller to distribute it further into your skin. This lets the product really absorb into your skin so that you can get the most out of all that good stuff. We also recommend popping your roller in the fridge before use. It might sound a bit crazy, but trust us on this one. The cool stone on your skin can help to ease puffiness and refresh tired skin. It is believed that facial massage with a roller can also help to promote good blood circulation to the face, similar to the Gua Sha. 

If you want to go one step further, why not try a derma roller like this Wing It roller. We know it looks slightly scarier, but these gentle spikes are non-invasive and fantastic for practising at home facial massage/acupressure. The spikes are able to get to those smaller areas around your face and help boost results of tighter skin and collagen production. 


Whether you decide to use one or both of these tools, we are sure that you will find what works for you and gets you glowing in no time.  

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