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Combat Winter Skin

We all know that winter is the worst time for our skin. The dry air, the cold, but conversely, the constant change in temperatures as we go from our nice heated homes to the outside weather… It all combines to leave my skin feeling dry, sore and thoroughly abused.

I’ve had difficult skin almost all my life, what with having had acne as a teenager and incredibly sensitive skin now. I went to a dermatologist about it for my 30th birthday, and he prescribed me with a couple of creams that I now use religiously. Even with those, my skin still needs a bit of TLC – but nothing too heavy.  

I’m going to share some of my favourite things that I’m using right now that keep my skin feeling healthy and moisturised from head to toe.

My hands look like I’m part lizard during the winter as the skin between my fingers gets dry, flaky and painful, and my knuckles get red and inflamed. Lovely image, right? I tackle this by using a really delicate and hydrating hand soap, like this one by Faith in Nature I have become a recent convert to Faith in Nature as I love that you can get it in Boots, and it’s paraben and SLS free, as well as being Vegan Society approved and cruelty free. It even comes as a solid bar option, which I appreciate because of the reduced packaging.

That being said, I’m still faithful to Nivea for my moisturising cream. I just find that the texture is far better and really helps my hands recover from the cold, cracked land that they’d been inhabiting. I stick to the classic blue pot most of the time, as that’s the one that I’ve found works for me!

On my body, I prefer using this one by Shea Moisture – it’s a semi-thick body lotion that is entirely made from certified organic ingredients, so I can soothe my sore skin at the same time as feeling smug about my sustainability game! Plus it smells GREAT.

The skin on my face is a bit more tetchy, so I have to be careful. For taking my make up off, I just use microfibre rounds with water – no micellar water here! 

I’ve recently been using the Botanics Revive & Protect Postbiotic Gel Cleanser as my cleanser – I love it because it’s gentle on my skin, as well as being cruelty free and comes in fully recyclable packaging. Win-win-win! 

Then I do the targeted treatments – hydrate my skin with hyaluronic acid serum and use my prescribed cream, Treclin. The serum I tend to use is the one by Nordic Roots off Green People, a bit of a splurge for me but it’s scent-free and leaves my skin feeling great. And it lasted for ages too!

Next up, moisturiser. I have to be careful with this since my skin is so tetchy, but I’ve actually discovered that Boots does an amazing night oil that my skin drinks up. Once again it’s from Botanics, and it does great things for my skin. I always wake up feeling fully moisturised and dewy after using it! I’m running out to be fair, so I’m going to have to pick some up soon.


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