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Cohorted X Harvey Nichols
Fragrance Edit
Beauty Box

Cohorted have partnered with Harvey Nichols to bring you an exclusive fragrance discovery edit, showcasing a selection of charismatic and invigorating scents to experience in the comfort of your home. 

Our Cohorted x Harvey Nichols Fragrance Edit is an introduction to some of the most luxurious and alluring aromas on the market. Featuring iconic scents from the likes of Creed, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Atelier Materi and more, this curation is the ultimate exploration of opulent fragrances.

This invitation to uncover an array of scents allows you to determine the ideal fragrance to emulate your personality. With a variety of magnetising notes consisting of Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose, Sandalwood and Pineapple, these perfumes successfully serve an assortment of 12 unique scents from some of the most recognised names in fragrance.

This limited-edition box edit has been curated with the finest independent perfumers in the world who have created their own unique vision and interpretations for their high-end consumers, each with an authentic brand story to tell.

Lots of Love,

The Maison Francis Kurkdjian collection is curated like a fragrance wardrobe, with a myriad of facets of emotions. Designed in the tradition of luxury French perfumery, it nevertheless  advocates a contemporary vision of the art of creating and wearing perfume. 

Recognized as one of the world’s most celebrated perfumers, Francis Kurkdjian imagined a fragrance territory of a free, sensual and delicate perfectionism. 

The Maison is guided by enchanting yet precise codes: purity, sophistication, timelessness and the boldness of a classicism reinvented. They come together with exceptional know-how, and echo off each other. They are continually writing a number of sensory adventures, in which perfume is, naturally, the hero. 

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Gentle Fluidity 5ml


In the generous and fully enveloping trail of Gentle Fluidity Gold, you’ll find essence of coriander seeds and an extra dose of musks and vanilla. Like the musks, the coriander seeds’ spicy floral notes add a breezy volume and lasting trail. The vanilla accord brings reassuring base notes underscored by the amber wood, which sketches a bright and radiant silhouette. Gentle Fluidity Gold eau de parfum is a soft, comforting musky oriental.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Cologne Forte Universalis 5ml

Aqua Universalis Cologne Forte eau de parfum symbolises pure white, transparency and a blooming and comfortable sensation of freshness. This pure breath of fresh, enveloping air is the expression of the palette of emotions induced by light. The musky citrus fragrance expresses its blooming and comfortable sensation of freshness through oil of bergamot from Italy and oil of rose from Bulgaria. 

The House of Creed is an authentic, luxury perfume house dedicated to the creation of highly original, artisan fragrances for men and women, made from the finest perfume ingredients the world has to offer.

This unique story began in 1760 when a pair of scented leather gloves were delivered to King George III by a new London tailoring company. Founded by James Henry Creed, The House of Creed started its journey as an exquisite tailor based in Mayfair, London. Since then, The House of Creed has gone on to create some of the finest garments and fragrances for the discerning and the discriminating for over 260 years, shifting from its tailoring heritage into one of the world’s leading niche perfume houses.

Creed Aventus For Her 2ml

The feminine counterpart to the iconic Aventus, Aventus for Her is inspired by history’s most powerful women. This fresh and fruity eau de parfum opens with accords of crisp green apple, fragrant pink pepper, Calabrian bergamot and Indonesian patchouli. Blossoming into a floral heart note of Bulgarian rose, sandalwood and musk, this opulent and sensual perfume dries down to a base of amber, ylang ylang, peach and lilac.  

Creed Aventus 2ml

The bestselling men’s fragrance in the history of The House of Creed, Aventus celebrates strength, power, success and heritage – a sophisticated scent, perfect for the modern discerning gentleman. Sensual, audacious and contemporary, this rich and iconic eau de parfum combines tantalising fruity head notes of Calville Blanc apple, blackcurrant, pineapple and Italian bergamot with a complementary fresh and floral heart of jasmine blossom, birch, juniper berries and patchouli.

Launched in 2006, their philosophy is to approach perfumery as an art and to be present only in specially selected stores.

From NYC to Paris, Moscow or Sydney… Juliette intrigues the world. Armed with her perfume, the Shakespearian heroine goes wild. Life is too short, and pleasures too many, says Juliette. The Gun, metaphor for the perfume, weapon of seduction, or simple accessory of bluff, essentially symbolizes the liberation of women from men. And sometimes with a taste for revenge… but the concept is also influenced by romantism.  

Juliette Has A Gun Lili Fantasy 5ml

Rumour has it that Juliette, our favourite Queen of the Parisian nights, hides a secret. It has a name, Lili Fantasy. A scandalous fragrance, an intriguing bouquet of white flowers, amber notes with a slight bubble gum gourmand facet.

An olfactory whirlwind that precedes her, whenever the irreverent lady sets the dance floor alight one last time, before slipping away through the early morning mists, clutching her heels, to the cushioned comforts of her rooms. 

Juliette Has A Gun Pear INC. 5ml

In the beginning there was a fruit with mysterious curves and invigorating properties. A bite into its succulent flesh and the skin is suddenly resplendent. The soul, for its part, is promised to an eternal youth that delights in braving the forbidden.

Composed around pear, musk and Ambroxan, Pear Inc. pays tribute to this irresistible fruit that has a taste of sunshine.

Maison Crivelli is a new French Haute Perfumery house which was founded by Thibaud Crivelli in 2018. Scents, colours, sounds, taste and textures correspond, and all inspire Thibaud Crivelli to create perfumes which will surprise you with their contrasts, originality and modernity.

Every Maison Crivelli perfume is formulated without phthalates and colorants. They do not contain any animal products. Maison Crivelli has chosen minimalist and eco-responsible packaging to reduce waste. The boxes and cases are designed using FSC paper and contain no plastics. The cellophane used to protect the perfumes is produced from wood cellulose, which is biodegradable and compostable.

Maison Crivelli Santal Volcanique 1.5ml

A woody, spicy and musky fragrance unlike any other, evoking Thibaud’s discovery of burnt sandalwood on the slopes of an erupting volcano. A cloud of fresh spices contrasts with a sandalwood-coffee accord to leave an addictive and terribly sensual trail on the skin. 

Maison Crivelli Lys Solaberg 1.5ml

A smoky floral scent that is inspired by the discovery of wild lilies during a Scandinavian night walk along a fjord to see the midnight sun, a unique smoky facet is blended with the scent of candied quince and wooden oak barrels with an earthy peat and granite base. 

Passionate about fragrance, architecture and design, the founder Véronique Le Bihan envisions these disciplines from the same perspective: the transformation of individual raw materials. It is her inspiration. 

Driven to work where possible with other female entrepreneurs to empower women in business, her brand is that of subtle luxury, one in line with her ethical, social and environmental values. 

Each Atelier Materi fragrance is a variation on a single raw material, enhanced and refined by painstaking craftsmanship.  

It is the hand of man that gives a product a soul, so they call on master craftsmen every step of the way, from the painstaking process of material selection to the production of the fragrances and bottles. 

Atelier Materi Narcisse Taiji 2ml

This fragrance explores the strength and fragility of the narcissus, a fragrance between shadows and light. To the luminous and vegetal side of the freshly picked flower, the perfumer opposes the dark and animal side of the narcissus, enhanced by leather and patchouli accents. A perfect balance, surprising and sensual – this is pure elegance in a bottle.  

Atelier Materi Santal Blond 2ml

A bewitching fragrance, Santal Blond caresses the skin of the wearer. The virtues of sandalwood, whose sacred history is related in ancient Sanskrit and Chinese manuscripts, have been recognized for thousands of years. When distilled, it releases a warm, woody, slightly smoky scent. 

A blend of cardamom, jasmine and tonka bean softly and elegantly brings out the reassuring character of sandalwood.

Founded in 1999 by master perfumer Alberto Morillas to bring fragrance expertise to luxury handmade candles, the name Mizensir translates as “to put in wax – mettre en cire”.  

Since 2015, Alberto has also developed an exquisite range of eaux de parfum. This collection is Alberto’s freedom of expression, created without marketing trends, budget or restriction on raw materials, there are no concessions for Mizensir. Alberto likes to say that ‘Mizensir is not a niche brand but a brand of excellence’.  

Today, Maison Mizensir remains family-owned where perfection is key, from Alberto’s exquisite formulations inspired by his gardens in Genève to the hand-crafted manufacture of his creations. Each creation bears the Swiss stamp of excellence. 

Mizensir Vert Empire 2ml


Vert Empire is inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean, the abundance of lemon and orange trees. Essence of mandarin and petitgrain conjure the beauty of citrus fruits yet to be harvested. The freshness of the Mediterranean is represented with Paradisone, a floral citrus note, with a hint of cardamom. The scent allows you to travel amongst the Italian groves with hints of woody notes, sandalwood and ambrox, angelica and sage. 

Abel Cobalt Amber Eau De Parfum, £5

Lifting the everyday with a sensual and musky touch, Musc Eternel brings to life a bouquet of roses, jasmine and white hawthorns, nestled amongst white musk and Florentine iris. A finishing touch of tonka bean brings an almond feel to the fragrance trail. This is a scent you will wear like a second skin and wonder how you ever got dressed without it. 


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