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Living Proof Exclusive Edit Beauty Box

Living Proof Exclusive Edit
Beauty Box

WORTH £108.00

Introducing the ultimate haircare experience with the Living Proof beauty box, exclusively available on Cohorted.co.uk! If you’re looking to transform your hair routine and achieve salon-worthy locks, look no further than this luxurious beauty box.
Inside, you’ll discover a carefully curated selection of Living Proof’s best-selling haircare products. Each formula is designed to work together to give you the ultimate hair transformation, from cleansing and conditioning to styling and finishing.
So why wait? Get your hands on the Living Proof beauty box today and start enjoying the hair of your dreams! Exclusively available on Cohorted.co.uk, this beauty box is a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their haircare routine.

Lots of Love,

PhD Shampoo - Infinity

PhD Shampoo - Infinity 236ml - £27.00

This hydrating shampoo gently cleanses while enhancing shine for silkier, healthier-looking hair with every wash.

PhD Conditioner - Infinity

PhD Conditioner - Infinity 236ml - £27.00

This conditioner hydrates, strengthens, and adds serious shine to give dull, dry strands an instant shot of vitality with every wash.

PhD 5-1 Styling Treatment

PhD 5-1 Styling Treatment, 118ml - £28.00

A brilliant treatment and styler that’s formulated to smooth, strengthen, volumize, polish, and protect hair from heat damage in a single shot.

Restore Shampoo

Restore Shampoo 30ml - £6.50

This fortifying shampoo gently cleanses while reversing damage, making hair look and feel healthier. Because you deserve to kick damage to the curb.

Restore Conditioner

Restore Conditioner 30ml - £6.50

Bring weak, damaged hair back from the brink with this fortifying conditioner that smooths, repairs, and protects hair, leaving it visibly healthier.

Restore Perfecting Spray

Restore Perfecting Spray 50ml - £13.00

This conditioning detangler softens, smooths, and strengthens dry, damaged hair—plus provides heat protection up to 450°F/232°C for good measure.

Fibre One, Wrapped Doughnuts (Mixed)

Fibre One, Wrapped Doughnuts (Mixed) - £2.50

A 90 calorie doughnut dipped in crunchy sprinkles. Dreams do come true! Say hello to guilt-free indulgence with Fibre One Doughnuts. Fluffy and high in fibre, they’re the ultimate sweet treat when you need it. Turn your doughnot into a doughyes!

Wild Nutrition - Daily Essentials Supplements

Wild Nutrition - Daily Essentials Supplements

Daily Essentials for Women provides a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 to support women with busy lifestyles. Promoting healthy hormone cycles, energy and immunity. The highest quality natural supplements in 30 plastic-free, recyclable daily sachets.

OJAR, Wood Whisper, 1.5ml on card

OJAR, Wood Whisper, 1.5ml on card

Wood Whisper is a powerful, and mesmerizing sandalwood. Lifted by the plum, it is an original ingredient which adds a sweet touch to the scent.

Living Proof Exclusive Edit Beauty Box

Exclusive Cohorted x Living Proof Beauty Box
Worth £108.00

Transform your hair routine with the Living Proof beauty box, exclusively available on Cohorted.co.uk. Discover best-selling haircare products, and elevate your hair game with this luxurious beauty box.

Available from 15th May 2023

Murad Hydrating Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture

June's Sneak Peak

Featuring in June’s Exclusive Subscription Beauty Box is the Murad Hydrating Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture 50ml worth £67.00.

Quench your skin’s thirst with the Hydrating Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture. This deeply nourishing moisturiser locks in hydration, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and supple.

Plus, claim your FREE luxury gift with the code “COHORTEDGIFTME” when you sign up.

Subscribe before 31th May 2023 to secure your June Murad Exclusive Beauty Box worth over £140.00


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