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Budget Friendly Beauty This January

Something we should all look to focus on more is our shopping habits. Looking at what and how much we are consuming.

January is the month where we tend to reassess everything in our lives. The month feels like a 31day hangover filled with messages and vitriol telling us to lose weight, quit a habit or do something drastic in aid of bettering yourself.  

Something we should all look to focus on more is our shopping habits. Looking at what and how much we are consuming. Particularly, I want to focus on my beauty buying habits. 


Something New  

It always boils down to that lovely feeling of wanting something new’ and trying new products, but most beauty launches are not innovative. Theyre recycled, repackaged and rebranded.   

There are so many beauty and skincare brands out there releasing the same products, albeit slightly different. If you do your research, youll find most of them have the same ingredients, same supplier or same umbrella company. All that is different is the branding (or the brand, duh).  



Plenty of Fenty 

As I type this, Im drooling over the new Fenty powder foundations due to be released this month and Im not going to give into temptation. It all comes down to needs versus wants. So here are a few ways to avoid spending money on new beauty launches in 2021. 

Decide if you actually need it – most likely no. Do you have something similar? Most likely yes. 


Can you find a cheaper version?  

100% yes. I always think, its not what you use but how you use it. No one watches you doing your make up every day (unless you do it on your commute), and no one is forcing you to have the *latest* product. In a way, the realm of beauty has been made *better* and worse when it comes to the amount of PR there is surrounding new launches. However, it’s a huge industry and its aim is to SELL. What needs to be emphasised is diversity and inclusivity.  


Would you rather spend the money on an experience?  

Some foundations cost £35 and more. Ive spent less on flights – I went to Milan for £25 return and Toulouse for £30 return 


Will it make you happy?  

If the answer is yes, is it just temporary happiness? If the answer is no, donbuy it.  


Would you find my more joy in using products you already have in different ways?  

If the answer is yes, donbuy it. 

Cohorted Be You Be Beautiful

For me personally, the best way to discover new beauty and skincare brands is with the monthly Cohorted box; see it is as the gift that keeps on giving. You can subscribe to monthly beauty boxes or purchase a limited-edition curation – It’s entirely up to you. Best of all, it saves you lots of money, especially if you were to purchase the items full price.  


Will you be cutting back on beauty in 2021 or spending more?  


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