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5 Tips on How To Style Those Locks At Home

Here are some tips to manage those split ends and outgrown roots...

Are you reliving those days of DIY hair masks and box dyes?   

Whether you’ve bleached your roots, cut in your own curtain bangs or simply left the locks to grow, I’m sure we are all ready for a change. Being in the house most of the time can get us lazy, and your go to styles might be getting boring. Let’s face it, if there’s ever a time to experiment, it’s still now.  

The other night, whilst watching TV an advert came on about ‘house embarrassment’. Changing your background so your boss or lecturer can’t see your left-over takeaway boxes. Well, this is the hair equivalent. Those messy buns can only last so long. Brands are frequently bringing out new tools to help the everyday person style their hair (it’s like they know we need it). 

On those days where you have no need to be seen by anyone, it’s important to give your locks a day off too. Your hair loves some TLC to soak up the nutrients those straighteners have burnt away. Washing our hair less is the way to start. So, having ways to style dirty, as well as clean hair, is essential.  

You’d think by now that we would have mastered styling our locks ourselves, but if not, here are some tips to manage those split ends and outgrown roots... 


Since I received my Dyson for Christmas a few years back, the blow-dry game has changed. I still can’t do it the way my hairdresser does – for that I’d need two extra arms and some bicep strength. But the smooth, straight style is easily achieved with this, without the need for straighteners. The tool works with a motor that produces a high-pressure jet that controls the air for fast drying and precision styling. The lightweight feel to the Dyson makes it a dream to work with as well.  

Ladies don’t worry. If you’re anything like me and struggle with hair activities, then this is the one for you. The gamechanger of my year has been the Revlon One Step DryerIf you’ve surprisingly not heard of this tool, you’re in for a treat. This is the first bouncy blow-dry I’ve ever been able to doThe only criticism for the brush is that it gets incredibly hot and lots of consumers have claimed it pulled their hair out more than normal. For me, this is going to be ideal for those summer afternoon drinks and birthdays. 

Of course with all these heated tools, a heat-protectant is incredibly important to maintain hair strength and shine. The V05 heat protect spray is a classic and with new packaging, it looks better than ever. Leaving your hair soft and manageable to style, it will protect the hair every time you use it.  

Despite being in lockdown and not going anywhere exciting, I somehow managed to break my trust-worthy straighteners. So, my mum of dreams treated me to some shiny new GHDs. Let me tell you, these are worth it. If you are low-skilled in hair, these will work like a treat. Easy to straighten and curl withyou can create a look that your stylist would be proud of.  


From oils and gels to pomades and mousses, it can be hard to figure out which type of product is right one for you. If you’re on social media a lot, you’ve probably got clever marketing coming out your ears. So, although it’s good to try different products, your hair will thank you for using less. Haircare isn’t too different from skincare, so keep the routines simple. Cleansing, protection and styling3 simple steps to keep hair full of life.    


Since Secondary school, dry shampoo has been every girl’s saviour. Reducing the number of times you wash your hair is great for adding moisture into your locks. Although this may be painful to see, it’s great to prolong the time in-between hair washes.  

If you’re unfamiliar with dry shampoo, Batiste recommends shaking the bottle, sectioning hair and spraying the roots, followed by a good old scalp massage. Of course, Batiste has been the dry shampoo champion since we can remember. The bottle easily fits in a small bag and is great for travelling and nights out (remember those days?). Dry shampoo is great for men and women, to add body and life back into those locks.  

For those with gorgeous curls, Harpers Bazaar named the Cantu Refresh Dry Co-wash their 2nd favourite dry shampoo. Built with ingredients such as tea tree oil and shea butter, it conditions the curls to keep them in fab condition.  


Sick of getting a headache off tight buns? Plaits are a great relief for your scalp. French or not, each plait is different. This style is perfect for the last day before hair wash day, no matter what condition it’s in, everything is fixed with a French plait.  

Sleeping in this style can give you a heat free wave to your locks that took zero effort. If you’re lucky to have someone in your social bubble who can plait is a bonus.  

This style is great for those days when your hair is looking a little sorry for itself. Grease is what will help the style stay in put and look great. For me, I add in The Ordinary’s 100% Squalane Oil to my routineRunning the product into the scalp and then down to the ends of your hair helps to reduce breakage and increase moisture. This multi-purpose oil is also fantastic on the skin, as well as an overnight serum to wake up with plump hydrated skin.  


The slick back hair has become a chic look that was introduced to me by Cinzia Baylis-Zullo. Her slicked back looks on Instagram are divine. Although I do think these are easier achieved with cleaner hair, sometimes you just can’t ruin that fresh look so early on in the hair wash cycle.  

On dirtier hair, the Ouai Matte Pomade is fantastic. This product melts down as you warm it between your palms. This is not only great for adding texture into the ends of your hair, but for slicking back those fly aways. After you pull your hair up to a tight bun or ponytail, slide the pomade over your hair to pin away any baby hairs. This works without making your hair look greasy or wet. The Ouai hair products do come with a hefty price tag, with the pomade selling for £16, but the amount of product needed per use is minor.  

The Schwarzkopf Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray is one of a kind. If you’re wanting that committed flawless look, this is it. I cannot recommend this product enough. One thing to keep in mind is that unlike the Ouai pomade, once this hairspray is in, it’s in. There’s no brushing it out, it will have to be washed out. This comes with the benefits that it will commit to your hair the whole day, with the mini 100ml bottle being travel friendly for convenience. At the brilliant price of £4.29, you really can’t go wrong.  

For those days off, you can’t go wrong with a hair mask. Whether it be with natural argon oil or a leave-in conditioner, you can get various masks with different ingredients to target different concerns 


Whether your roots are growing out or your fringe needs re-shaping, hopefully these tips can help you out. This time is only temporary and you will soon be reunited with your hairstylist. Use this part of our lives to care for our hair and give it a time-out.  


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