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The Best Hair Products to Control That Frizz

Whether you just want to smooth out your flyaways or calm unruly hair, there are many different ways to do this. Frizzy hair can be frustrating, especially in the humid months but as we edge closer to winter, we may want to pick up the straighteners again. Heat can increase frizz, due to damage and lack of moisture.

Leave in conditioners can be the best thing for frizz, especially if you’re got curly locks. These conditioners can hold your natural curls well and maintain the frizz. The number one product for me when I have my natural hair days is the Shea Moisture leave-in conditionerThis nourishes the hair to increase softness and support the hair’s elasticity. With the added bonus of this being the quickest post-shower routine I have. Hair masks can be great to achieve the perfect slicked back ponytail that everyone’s loving at the moment. Gone are the days of ‘I can’t come out sorry, I have a hair mask in…’, it’s time to brush it back into a ponytail and plait or twist it into a bun.  

The next product I was scared of using at first and had very little faith in. The Loreal 8 second Wonder Water is incredible. Although it works best when I blow-dry and straighten, it makes my hair soft and styled for days, which my hair never does. It adds shine whilst smoothing out my hair and gives it that healthy feel. It’s silicone free and water based, so it reduces the risk of build-up on the hair, meaning that it won’t negatively affect your hair long-term.  

Shea Moisture Leave-in-Conditioner


L’oreal Dream Lengths Wonder Water


Silk pillowcases are recommended by most hair experts. With most costing around £70, you might wonder why would anyone pay that much, but remember it’s something that will be used for at least 6 hours every day! These should not only improve the condition of your hair but if you are struggling with acne or breakouts, silk is great for that too.  

Frizz can become bigger if the hair lacks moisture. The best way to get moisture into the hair is by using oils. From Argan to Avocado oil the selection is endless. It’s important to find the right oil for your hair type, doing your research is key. Not all oils leave your hair looking greasy either. Bleach London’s Hair Elixir is a great example of an Avocado oil that quenches dry ends and gets absorbed by the hair to give a brilliant shine. There’s no grease around when you use this product. This product is great as well if you don’t have the budget for luxury hair oils.  

With that being said, frizz isn’t bad. Your hair is your own whether you like to embrace it or like to change it. These tips are here just for when you fancy a change in your routine or want to switch up your style.   

Bleach Hair Elixir



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