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17 Aug

Beauty Tips and Tricks for Beginners

So, you’ve tried everything on your skin and you’re still breaking out? Don’t know how to treat damaged hair? While some of these facts that I’m about to tell you may be a known fact to others, at least now you’ll soon know the secret to clearer skin and glossy hair is right outside your door (or in). The following sources are also a godsend to your health… literally. 

1. Water! 

Beauty starts from within and I’m sure everyone knows this by now, but water is EVERYTHING. This allows your body to flush out any toxins and helps to maintain your skin moisture, so drink up! 


2. Vitamin Sea (Seawater) 

If you live by the sea, then you’re one lucky human because seawater is the number one resource to super clear skin! Have you ever noticed that after you’ve gone for a swim in the sea whilst on holiday, your skin is glowing and blemish-free the next day? That’s because seawater contains salt which kills bacteria. It’s also packed with all the minerals your skin is craving such as magnesium, calcium and potassium; this helps to promote the skins healing process, giving you that summer glow you’ve always longed for.  


3. Salt 

Following on from the fact above, salt is known to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits. Got a sore throat? Gargle salt with warm water. Swollen gums? Rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution (don’t swallow, that’s just nasty).  


4. Aloe Vera 

The plant that everyone should have in their back garden. Not only does it help to treat burns, sun damage and skin abrasion, but its properties will also help to reduce redness and helps combat dry skin, giving you the flawless finish, you’ve always wanted. There’s also evidence that aloe vera gel helps to slow the ageing of your skin. It’s 100% that plant! 

5. Lemon 

When life gives you lemons, make lemon water and drink it in the morning. Not only is it a rich source of Vitamin C, which helps to boost your immune system, but it is also a good way to detox. After doing this every morning, your digestive system will be very-much awake and so will the pH balance in your body. Also, if you have a sore, scratchy throat, add lemon juice and a pinch of salt to warm water and drink it. Not the best flavour in the world, but it’ll help relieve your symptoms in a few days. 


6. Coconut Oil  

Coconut oil contains Vitamin E and K and has many beauty benefits. The main one is how moisturising it is, which we all should know by now! This stuff is a holy grail for those with dry skin and damaged hair. Use it on your body, lips or as a hair mask and I can guarantee you you’ll never look back. 


7. Argan oil 

Also packed with Vitamin E, this oil is known to help treat severe skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea. This is also good for dry hair, as it protects your hair from the UV rays and helps to lock moisture in. It also works great as a quick anti-frizz treatment! 


8. Oil Cleansing 

Have you ever noticed that there are these tiny bumps on your skin that won’t come out, no matter what? Maybe this method will help... 

Oil cleansing should be the very first step in your new and improved night routine, as it will help to dissolve any dirt on your skin and pull out oil plugs. Use either an oil cleanser or even use natural oil if you want to and massage it onto your skin for 10 – 15 minutes once a week or every two weeks. You can use a cleansing balm if you have oil-prone skin. If your skin starts to break out or becomes irritated, then try a different product/oil that might work for you. 

If you have makeup on, remove your makeup first with a cleansing balm, as this is much more gentle on the skin and will help dissolve your make-up. Plus, it is better for the environment compared to make up wipes. Then follow with your water-based cleanser, so essentially, you’re double cleansing and removing any excess oil on your face.  

Were you surprised by any of these beauty secrets?

Do you have any beauty tips and tricks we should know about? 

Pia Weeraban
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