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An Olaplex Review...

Lockdown pushed me into really wanting to take care of my hair, since I wasn’t going out or seeing anyone. Our hair is so important. A good hair day or a bad hair day can really affect our confidence and mood. I have coloured my hair lighter for years, so I wanted a hair care package that would help reduce breakage, whilst also giving my mane a glossy finish.

Instagram: @olaplex

The Test

I had heard of Olaplex – it was all over my Instagram and seemed to be the brand that everyone was raving about. I went to their website and took their Hair Diagnostic Test, which was very straightforward and simple. It asks a range of questions about your “hair concerns,” ranging from frizz to breakage to dryness. One you fill in further questions about the texture, damage and colour of your hair, they give you a package, which will fulfil all your needs.

Take the quiz: olaplex.com/pages/quiz

This treatment was the first step in my new hair care routine and goes straight onto dry hair. This product needs to be combed through from root to tip to give a full coverage. I really loved the pointed nozzle on this product, as it made the application super easy. I also left it on longer than 10 minutes, as I really wanted a deep condition and to see the best results for my hair.

The next step is the Hair Perfector and this is used as a two-part system with the No.0 product. Olaplex claim that there is “68% more repair,” when used with the No.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment. I followed the advice and left this product in for 45 minutes to achieve maximum results. I loved this product as it was super thick and creamy, but in terms of application, I think a screw cap would be best, so there is really easy access to the product.

When washing my hair, I did really feel like my hair was silky smoothshiny and strong, exactly what I wanted. However, both these products are £28 each and you are recommended to fulfil this process 2/3 times a week to achieve the best results. I would need around 2 bottles to complete this process as my hair is medium in length, but still quite fine. If you have very long, thick hair, I would definitely recommend purchasing more, so you can continue with the process for a few weeks and really see results. This would mean these two steps are quite expensive in terms of product vs usage. So, I do think there are cheaper hair masks on the market, if you are looking for a more affordable option.

Next, I washed my hair with the shampoo and conditioner. I really love both these products as although they are super thick, they don’t weigh down my fine hair and make it lifeless! Additionally, I feel these products do last longer than No.0 and No.3, making them more affordable for the price, even though they are still £28 each. I really tried to leave in the conditioner for about 5-10 minutes, to ensure the reparative conditioner can really get to work. I personally feel the results are really great with these products and they do last a while, especially if you are using them every other day for your general hair wash. 

This is my favourite product from this Olaplex package. Weightless, light but super easy to use. It really helps to provide heat protection and reduce frizz when styling your hair. Only 1-2 drops are needed, but a little goes a long way. At £28 I will definitely be buying this product again! 

Overall, I am really happy with the products I bought from Olaplex, I think they do really help with the overall condition of your hair and do exactly what they promise. However, in terms of price, I will be only be re-purchasing some of these products again for a treat or when my hair really needs them. However, the shampoo, conditioner and bonding oil are brilliant products, which really work and are great for the price. 


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