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A Simple Guide To Using A Gua Sha

Do you desire youthful and defined skin? If you answered yes, then the popular beauty tool, the gua sha is the perfect addition to your already glowing beauty regime. The guasha was originally introduced as a method of healing in China, and now it can be seen across the globe as a way to improve our blood circulation and help our skin look a little more youthful. 

What is a gua-sha

A gua sha is commonly a curved-shaped stone that resembles a heart shape and is mostly formed of jade or rose quartz. Both minerals are calming, protective,positive, and soothing. 

Through moving the tool upwards on your neck and face (in a strategic method), this helps to promote blood flow and improves your overall circulation. You’re simply massaging your skin to reduce puffiness and tension. What’s not to love? There are so many benefits to this viral product. 

This luxurious pocket tool creates the feeling of focus and calm and is a way to create a spa experience in the comfort of your own home by using the ancient Chinese massage method. It’s a great, natural technique with an affordable price tag! Read on to discover how to properly use the tool to gain the benefits from its wonderous properties. 

How to use a gua-sha

Firstly, start off with your gua-sha tool and hold it at a 90-degree angle. Manoeuvre the gua-sha around your shoulders and your neck. One of the main aims of a gua-sha is to tone and sculpt. So, when focusing on your neck, work upwards towards your jaw after first beginning at the base near your collarbone. This is one of the most popular moves when you move upwards towards your jawline (it’s said to get rid of a “double chin”. Use your gua-sha tool to lightly push upwards on your skin towards your chin and mouth. Work with small movements but a consistent direction and firmness. As you get used to the tool you can start to work more firmly to increase the toning of your skin and muscle relaxation. 

To enhance a dewy complexion, it is also recommended to work downward from your chin towards your chest to increase your skin’s tightness in that area.  

Next, you’ll focus on your eyes. This section of your face, as well as your jawline can create the most incredible before and after results. You’ll be sure to look revitalised and more awake. Place the gua-sha flat on your skin and move slowly from your nose, then around your eyes. 

Lastly, work across your face and around your eyebrow area to relieve stress and sculpt your eye area. 

The benefit of using the gua-sha beauty tool is that you’re allowing the fluids underneath your initial skin’s layer to release when needed. There are a multitude of techniques to help you make the most out of this popular beauty tool.  

How often should you use a gua-sha?

It is widely recommended to use your guasha two to three times per week. As you gain practice with the luxurious tool, you can begin to use it more commonly. By using it every day, you’ll benefit and maximise from the incredible results. 

Enjoy a gua-sha from our mindful moments box

Why not try one of our beloved recommendations yourself or gift to a loved one who is in need of a little pick me up. We all deserve to treat our skin and make the most out of our routine for the best results. You won’t be disappointed! Grab your box here. 


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