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1 Apr

5 Products You Will Not Be Fooled By

This April Fool’s Day, there’s no joking around here. Do you want 5 beauty products that will have you re buying in no time? Are you searching for those 5 trusty products that you will not get bored of? Here’s some beauty advice on the top 5 products in town, that will not waste your time, or money…


When I first started trialing out make-up properly it was hard not to fall into a trance of being fooled into some products. These were my saviours and I have used this brand for years now. A cruelty-free brand EcoTools have the best brush sets known to man- have you seen how expensive some brush sets are? With the ‘Start The Day Beautifully Kit’ for £12.99 these perfect, fluffy, everlasting brushes are great quality for price.


Sick and tired of flimsy nails that constantly break and snap just after you’ve grown them? Sally Hansen’s Maximum Growth, is hands down the best nail product I’ve used. With being a nail biter for years I wanted to stop the habit and it wouldn’t have worked without this gem. Get the strongest healthiest nails you can notice the results just after one coat.Their ‘Miracle Thickener’ and ‘Hard As Nails’ products also will not let you down.


If you’re looking for a natural flawless tan- i mean, who isn’t? Then you really need to get your hands on a bottle of australis tan. They offer 5 different tan’s all suited to different skin tones, olive skin, ash under tones etc… The results from this tan are phen-om-en-nal. Seriously, it feels like I’ve had two weeks in Bali all for £11.99- also goes great with the luxurious black soft tanning mitt.


After a few years of struggling to cure a lot of skin problems, Cetaphil as a whole has been the saviour of the skin. The Foam Cleanser, Daily defence Moisturiser and Rich Night Cream have been refilled throughout, and I- my skin- could simply not live without them. I would trust the entire skin care range, as they have been perfecting it for 70 years, but these three are my top products. Being on the pricer side i’ve always justified it because skin care is very important, but I do bulk buy as often they are on 3 For 2 at Boots regularly.


Last but no means least- Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Foundation has been a very important part of my life. An ‘Oldie but Goldie’ Again the entire Healthy Mix collection I cannot flaw, and it shows none of yours. The light but moisturising gel formula foundation falls beautifully on any skin type and creates a daily glow with no budging, sounds perfect right!

Rosa Woodmansey

PR and Editorial Executive at Cohorted Communications/Cohorted Cult in my final year of University and trying to work out how to adult, love food far too much, eating or cooking, my favourite evening would probably be eating chilli watching pretty woman.

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