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20 Dec

4 Newly Released K-beauty Products for AW/ 2020

Trends come and go among both the Western and Korean beauty scenesbut Korean brands are notorious for ending and beginning a year on a high with countless new skincare releases to get us talking for months on end. This Autumn/Winter is no exception to this and so it’s becoming difficult to keep track of new product releases as we approach Christmas and 2021.

To keep things simple and well organised, I’ve compiled a list of only the most anticipated products you may like to give a try during this second Lockdown period.  

Sioris – Falling Into The Rose Mist 

Sioris is a Vegan-certified and cruelty-free brand which prides itself on creating products with natural and seasonal ingredients. Their ‘Time is Running Out’ mist contains a controlled balance of 30% oil to 70% water-based solution and skyrocketed in popularity this year due to its ability to rehydrate skin for longer periods of time, compared to mineral water facial mists, which previously thrived in the beauty industry. Based on the positive response and increasing number of sales of their first mist, they have just released the ‘Falling Into The Rose Mist’ which is ideal for calming and soothing sensitive and moderately dry skin types.  

It is a multifunctional mist which encapsulates the qualities and functions of a toner, essence and serum all in one. This latest edition to Sioris evergrowing product line is formulated with 100% natural ingredients – including Green Tea Water and Cypress Leaf Water for relieving redness and irritationwhilst JojobaArganSunflowerVegetable Squalene oils nourish skin. 

AHC – Homme Jet Set 

Usually I’m not a huge fan of skincare lines which are targeted at gender specific audiences, however the technology and ideology behind the creation of the ‘Homme Jet Set’ is understandable. The collection is designed to deeply penetrate deeper into men’s skin, which is typically thicker in comparison to Women’s skin. Using smaller molecules means that skin can be rehydrated and soothed faster after shaving facial hair.  

Ion-charged water molecules greatly contribute to each products effectiveness in restoring skin moisture, but the set also supplies a number of minerals and amino acids. Centella Asiatica (also known as Cica) has been added to soothe and balance irritated skin. The set is composed of 4 products: a toner, all-in-one essence, lotion and foam cleanser.  

T’else – Kombucha Teatox Ampoule and Cream 

These products are an extension of their currently successful Kombucha line, which has peaked in popularity both in Korea and Internationally. Alike the other products in this Kombucha series, the Kombucha Teatox Ampoule and Kombucha Teatox Cream contain fermented Assam tea leaves, in conjunction to low molecular weight Hyaluronic AcidBoth of these new products have received Vegan certification. 

The fermented extracts help strengthen a weakened skin barrier to tackle environmental/external stressors, which we all encounter in everyday life all year round. Kombucha in skincare is particularly beneficial for improving skin’s overall health. In the colder months of the year, such ingredients can help our skin to cope with extreme differences in temperature, as we move between going outdoors where it is cold and windy and indoors which is warm from using central heating. 

Thank You Farmer – Pollu Free™ Cleansing Line 

Skincare which fights against city pollutants has become favourable in Korea for the past 5 or 6 years, considering that Korea (as well as many other countries in East Asia) have been noticeably effected by yellow dust and fine dust in the air. Even though these issues are slowing subsiding or at least becoming under control, they are relatable to high-traffic areas of the UK, which is why pollution tackling skincare line such as the ‘Thank You Farmer Pollu Free’ line could be a suitable addition to skin care routines Worldwide.  

The two products in this mini release are the Pollu Free Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm and Pore Deep Cleansing Oil. They are formulated with Perilla Leaf  a green leaf high in antioxidants; Korea is one of the only countries in the world to both ingest the plant as well as use it in skin care. The role of Perilla Herb in these products is to protect skin from formaldehyde and benzopyreneThey are suitable for sensitive skin and are more relevant than ever taking into account that most people need skin protecting skincarebecause of having to regularly wear face masks/covering which cause irritation and sensitivity.  

Emma Moseley

I’m a twenty-something year old South-east Londoner, with my heart in the East. Skincare, Kbeauty & Jbeauty are what get me enthusiastic. Need any sheet-mask recommendations? – I’m your girl for that! ‘Writing freely’ is my motto, so you’ll often see me rambling on about tasty food for the West & the East, idyllic cafés, & travel/cultural experiences in addition to must-try skincare products.

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