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24 Sep

4 Lipsticks You Need to Have in Your Collection

Most people’s favourite makeup products are lip products, especially lipsticksThey are one of the most versatile products ever! You can use them on the lips but also as a blush, eyeshadow, eye liner or even base for your eyeshadow depending on the shade. 

You can pretty much change your entire look by the lipstick you wear and that’s how much of an impact your lip products have. In today’s post, you will find 4 lipsticks that you absolutely need to have in your collection to up your lipstick game! Not only are they beautifully formulated but they are also perfect to wear on an everyday basis and for special occasions. 


If you haven’t checked out the Soft Matte Lip Creams by NYX cosmetics before, then you absolutely need to! They are probably one of the best drugstore lipsticks on the market. The formula is very creamy and has a satin finishIt’s more of a liquid lipstick than a lipstick but it doesn’t dry or feel uncomfortable at all. There’s a huge range of colours as wellbut the shade you need to check out is Abu Dhabia beautiful nude brown with warm undertones. It looks amazing on all skin tones and it’s literally the perfect nudebrown shade. You can wear it at work, school/uni and even on special occasions! 


If you are looking for a vibrant pink shade, then this is the one you need! The formula of these Stila liquid lipsticks are very similar to the NYX SMLPThey are very pigmented, long lasting and feel extremely comfortable on the lips. If you are into pink shades, you absolutely need to check out this colour and if you feel the colour is a bit too vibrant for you, don’t worry – you can tone it down by applying a lighter shade of pink lipstick on top or you can even apply the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Abu Dhabi! The shade will turn into a gorgeous dark mauve, which will look perfect paired with smokey eye look. 


Finding a good red lipstick is harder than you could ever imagine for several different reasons. Onenot all red lipsticks are pigmented and long lasting. Twoit’s extremely hard to find a red lipstick that has the perfect mix of undertones which isn’t too bright, vibrant, warm or cool. However, the Fenty Stunna Lip Paint in the shade Uncensored is the perfect red lipstick in that sense! It looks flattering on everyone and the formula is incrediblelasting on your lips for a very long time. Red usually makes your teeth look whiter, but this one literally makes your teeth stand out in the dark! 


If you are looking for the perfect nude pink lipstick, then we’ve found the one for you. The Urban Decay Liquid Lip in the shade Backtalk has been everyone’s favourite lipstick for a very long time and for a very good reason; this shade is absolutely stunning! With a hint of mauve and cool undertones and the formula is very similar to the other liquid lipsticks mentioned in this postIt’s not dry and is very creamy. You don’t even need to re-apply after you’ve had a meal or drink, that’s how pigmented and long lasting it is. The other colours in this range are very beautiful as well. 


What’s your favourite lipstick? 

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