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Winter Workwear Essentials

If I have to leave my bed for work during the cold and dark winter months then I want to at least look cute doing it. 

As someone who has only entered the office world of work in the past year, appropriate yet still fashionable outfits are something I am always on the hunt for.  Work attire doesn’t just have to be pencil skirts and plain blouses and I am keen to show some of the most on trend inspiration for your winter wardrobe. For those girlies still blessed to be working from home, there is nothing to stay you can’t a) dress up for those teams calls b) go for the trackies on the bottom and party on the top look.

Let's start with the basics

One way to keep things simple and affordable is to have a few core pieces that you can easily mix and match with various other pieces and accessories. For me this consists of a few bottoms, a skirt or two and some bodysuits that can go under pretty much anything.  

For trousers this winter, consider some wide leg trousers in neutral shades such as brown. I am obsessed with how flattering this style of trouser is, they’re great to elongate the legs whilst also creating an hourglass look with the tighter waists. Find a good fitting pair of these and you’ll be wanting to wear them with everything.  

Or opt for something a little bit more risqué with a leather look legging style number. This is perhaps one for those with a slightly more relaxed dress code but would look great paired with some boots and an oversized blouse or a vibrant turtle neck sweater.  

In terms of skirts, you can’t go wrong with having a trusty black skirt ready to pair with some boots and tights. A simple black skirt can go with pretty much any combination of tops, whether that’s a blazer or an oversized sweater. I am particularly loving the wrap-style skirt, for a twist on the classic number. 

A final for the essential core piecefor my winter work wardrobe is bodysuits. These can go under quite literally anything and provide those all-important extra layers for those freezing days. On days when I am lacking inspiration, these are always my go-to.  

My particular favourite style to have handy is turtle necks. These always look cute poking out from a sweater vest or jumper.  

Now for the more fun pieces to mix up with our core items

For me there’s two key trends we can use for our jumper inspiration for work this winter and that is vibrant colours and sweater vests.  

Pair a nice warm vibrant block-colour jumper over a skirt and some boots, such as an emerald green roll-neck or a fully royal blue fluffy sweater. Pieces such as these are ones that you will find yourself also throwing on with some jeans at the weekend, which is always the best way to invest in clothing pieces. Fashion aside, it is always great to have those cosy jumpers on days when the warm bed was especially hard to leave.

Wearing a sweater vest in the office is a great way to introduce the preppy trend we are seeing this season into our workwear. Sweater vests are great versatile pieces, they can be worn over our favourite white blouse or a plain roll neck bodysuit.  

This winter we are livening up the dull days by swapping out or plain blouses with some printed pieces. I am talking jazzy geometrics and jacquards. No one will be missing you standing at the printer!  


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