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True, Tried and Tested TikTok Foodie Spots

We’ve all been there. Scrolling through TikTok late at night when you definitely shouldn’t be and coming across all of these amazing looking restaurants and places to try on your for you page. Saving the video and telling yourself you HAVE to visit then falling asleep and forgetting the video ever existed. Well, I found myself doing just that far too often so decided to keep an actual list of all these viral places. My boyfriend and I decided to try some of them to see if they were worth the hype. Below are my ratings of the top TikTok spots I’ve tried so far: 


Branded ‘the best crumble in London’, Humble Crumble in Spitalfields market was top of my ‘to try’ list. I visited on a Saturday lunchtime, which explained the queue. I probably waited about 20 minutes to place my order, but since it’s inside the market, you’re not in the rain and there’s often lots of people with cute dogs about so a good spot for people and puppy watching. I paid a whopping £6.50 for a regular portion but was able to customise my fruit, crumble and topping. For purely research purposes, I went completely classic with my choices and decided on apple, classic shortbread crumble and pure vanilla custard. Despite not opting for the most instagrammable options, it certainly was a thing of beauty. The star of the show was of course the crumble topping and the fact you could choose your fruit:crumble ratio which is why it was definitely worth the hype, even though I winced a little at the price I shared mine with my boyfriend so wasn’t too hard on my bank account. 



After seeing Eggslut online, I knew it was only a matter of time before I went. I’m a sucker for a good brunch and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I ordered the Fairfax sandwich and my boyfriend and I shared an orange juice and the American biscuits. I think we paid around £30 so something slightly more upmarket than your average McDonalds breakfast, but pretty typical London prices for Sunday brunch. Now, I have perfected own my scrambled egg recipe and rarely order it out as I can’t trust anyone to get it as good as mine. However, the scrambled egg, caramelised onion and cheese ‘Fairfax’ sandwich was truly beautiful, a perfect 10. However, it was a little cold when we got it so – 0.5 for that but at least it gives me an excuse to go back and order it again. The American biscuits were the same as a British scone and didn’t really wow us so wouldn’t order again. All in all, a successful brunch that made a good insta pic.  



This is technically a bit of a cheat review since I didn’t order or buy anything from here (since I’d spent my weekend stuffing my face with everything else on this list) but hear me out. Eataly is the largest Italian grocers in London and believe me, this place is HUGE! It’s got everything from fresh pastries and fruit to meats, fish, wine and multiple cafes. I could have spent hours here since it’s a good place to go for a wander round and a window shop. My 6/10 rating is because I don’t think I’d actually want to buy anything from here since it’s a bit pricey and busy too. We didn’t have to queue to get in but if there was a line out the door, I don’t think it’s worth waiting hours for a supermarket. That being said, it was for sure a good, free (if you don’t buy anything) place to visit next time you’re in London. I’d need to go back to give a proper review of all the food and maybe go when it’s less busy to get a seat in one of the eateries, but one to go round if you’re ever passing by.  



This had been on my list for a while and after visiting, I would recommend for a special occasion as it’s more on the steep side. On the 40th floor of Heron Tower, Duck and Waffle restaurant is by far the most boujee on this list, the 24-hour bar and restaurant with insane views feels very James Bond. I took my boyfriend for breakfast here on his birthday as a surprise and it was such a special start to the day. Going up to the 40th floor in the lift makes your stomach turn a little bit but it’s worth it to see London from so high up. We were on a table right by the window, so we had amazing views and ordered the signature duck and waffle as well as some crab and poached eggs, fruit salad and mimosas. As breakfasts go it was very good and the experience for a special occasion is what makes it, they brought out a little complimentary cake for us as we were celebrating which was cute and also a nice surprise. Even though our little cake was free, the rest of brunch definitely was not. All together it set us back about £90 but as a one off as a special meal out it’s worth it. 



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