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Stay Protected: Daily Essential Tips for Healthy Hair and Nails

No matter the time of year, your hair and nails need protection. Adding just a couple of products into your routine can make the whole world of difference and help to keep your hair and nails intact. 

Enjoy feeling prepped, protected, and pampered! 

Healthy hair and nails are trending

One trend that has surged recently has been the strive for the “clean girl” aesthetic. The saying “clean girl” can be likened to the girl who’s got everything together whilst looking good doing it. Think clean hair, preened nails, and glossy lips. It’s a neat, healthy, and aspirational aesthetic but it doesn’t have to have a huge price tag. By using some simple, protective products for both your hair and your nails, you can look and feel fresh whilst knowing you’re treating yourself right! 

SPF, no heat styling, and finding products that are perfect for your hair? Yes please. Here are a couple of tips for healthy hair. 

Sun protection for your hair

You’ve heard of SPF (sun protection factor) for your skin, but have you tried it on your hair? We all need to regulate our exposure to the sun and an SPF helps to give us a protective barrier against the harmful UV rays. Why do we need this? Any exposure to UV rays can result in damage and visible signs of aging. 

SPFs can be easily implemented into your routine and are typically absorbed beautifully into the skin. You can also find a range of treatments to suit your desired feel, whether that’s a light and refreshing hair mist or a lavish milk. Either way, your hair will be feeling fabulous and protected that little bit longer with a new, essential product to add to your haircare routine. 

If your hair is in need of a little love after too much time in the sun, there’s no need to fret. Aftercare for your hair is huge right now and there are plenty of options for restoration and repair. However, don’t forget that prevention is better than cure! 

Heatless curls

Heatless curl hairbands have gone viral on Tik-Tok and have seen us go crazy for a simple, effortless, and yes heatless alternative to our straighteners and curlers. We’re going to bed without having to spend hours on our hair and as a result we’re looking amazing in minutes. Let’s continue to enjoy our bouncy curls and variety of styles that you can use depending on the shape and time spent using your curl hairbands. There’s absolutely no heat involved meaning that you’re preventing any hair breakage with the same result. 

Customisable hair care to your needs

You may have heard of brands such as Function of Beauty or maybe you’ve refined your search to try and meet your desired haircare needs? We’re seeing more and more that brands are steering towards personalised haircare, using expert advice and thorough quizzes to partner you with the best ingredients and formulas to give your hair the TLC it deserves. One ingredient might do the trick for one person but if your hair type differs, it could have little to no effect for you. Personalised haircare is the way forward to give your hair the desired nutrients and care you need. 

Want that at home mani? Here are a couple of tips to keep your nails looking and feeling pampered in between salon appointments. If you’re not one for the salon, these tips will help you to have healthy looking nails in a quick and low maintenance fashion at home.

Replace your nail file

Did you know that the type of nail file you use can have an effect on your nail strength? By simply swapping a more abrasive file for a glass file, you’re giving your nails and cuticles more support when shaping. A harsher nail file can make your nails irregular or weaker, whereas, a glass nail file is much kinder to your nails. 

Cuticle oil

Cuticle oil has multiple benefits. It can help to add a protective barrier to your nail polish or gel manicure, and it boosts the shine to your nail’s appearance. Using a few drops of cuticle oil can enhance much needed nourishment and moisture to chapped or broken cuticles too. Many oils contain vitamin e and vitamin c which help to soothe and brighten appearance. 


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