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Model Jourdan Dunn's Transformative Solo Trips: Finding Clarity, Inner Peace, and Personal Growth

Discover how Jourdan Dunn’s solo trips became transformative experiences, offering her clarity, inner peace, and renewed purpose. From reading life-changing books to embracing Tai chi, follow her journey of self-discovery and learn the importance of being present and investing in personal growth. Levelling up in 2023 has never felt more empowering.

Jourdan Dunn reflects on her first solo trip, which took place in 2014, during a crucial moment in her career. At the time, Jourdan had just signed a contract with Maybelline, a significant achievement she had aspired to. However, despite these accomplishments, she couldn’t shake off a sense of dissatisfaction and disconnection from her surroundings. Recognizing her state, Jourdan’s agent suggested that she embark on a solo journey, providing her with an opportunity to meditate, spend time on a beach, and indulge in reading a carefully curated list of books. Little did she know that this trip would have a profound impact on her life.

During this transformative journey, Jourdan Dunn was introduced to the work of author Louise Hay, particularly her book “The Power is Within You.” The teachings resonated deeply with Jourdan, especially the concepts of affirmations and the power of spoken words, which she had unknowingly practiced before. This trip allowed her to acknowledge that she had been on a personal growth path all along, albeit without realizing it. From that moment forward, Jourdan made a promise to herself to embark on more solo trips. She recognized the value of investing time in self-care, self-reflection, and reconnecting with her mind, body, and soul.

'Model Jourdan Dunn's Transformative Solo Trips: Finding Clarity, Inner Peace, And Personal Growth​'

In 2022, after a challenging year filled with healing and inner work alongside energy healer Meena Samara, Jourdan felt emotionally exhausted and in need of recalibration. As the year drew to a close, she made the decision to take a solo trip once again, with the aim of recharging and finding inner peace before the start of 2023. Although celebrating the new year with family and friends was the norm, Jourdan felt no guilt in prioritizing her well-being. In fact, she received unwavering support from her loved ones, including her son Riley, who encouraged her to embark on this journey of self-discovery.

On New Year’s Eve at Rakxa, Jourdan enjoyed a six-course meal and captured memorable moments in a photo booth, cherishing those pictures as keepsakes. The evening progressed with a healer session in a small circle of thirteen individuals, where they shared their intentions to release certain aspects from the past year and welcomed positive changes for 2023. The session concluded with a sound bath, adding to the overall transformative experience.

Jourdan celebrated the countdown to the new year in solitude. Retreating to her room, she stepped onto the terrace overlooking the water, where she watched the fireworks display. Accompanied by the music of Jhené Aiko, she embraced the new year with ease. Given the time difference between Thailand and the UK, Jourdan FaceTimed her son, exchanged messages, read a book, and eventually drifted off to sleep. Despite the absence of traditional New Year’s festivities, she felt no sense of FOMO (fear of missing out). Instead, she believed that this solitary celebration was the perfect way to welcome the new year, describing it as a truly magical experience.

Upon returning to London, Jourdan felt inspired to create a sanctuary and sacred space within her home, a personal refuge that would safeguard her peace of mind. She carried with her a renewed energy and contemplated the profound lessons learned during her trip. The experience solidified her understanding of the importance of being fully present in every aspect of her life, focusing on the future, and releasing attachment to the past. She resolved to avoid becoming entangled in trivial matters that held no significance.

Having embarked on a personal development journey for the past eight years, Jourdan Dunn humbly acknowledged that she was not privy to all the answers. However, she firmly believed that such transformative journeys, like the ones she embarked upon, served as poignant reminders of one’s true essence and purpose. Rejecting the notion of traditional New Year’s resolutions, Jourdan’s focus for 2023 revolved around personal growth and “leveling up.”


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