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The Cult Edit:
Snog, Marry, Avoid - TV Show Edition

For this month’s Cult Edit we’re discussing the best and the worst of TV, from reality shows to heartfelt romances! So if you happen to be in need of a new series to binge, we have recommendations for those you should absolutely watch and those you most definitely should avoid…

Isobel says...

Image source: Pinterest

Snog: It's a Sin

A Russell T Davies drama you could binge-watch in a day. This show follows the lives of 5 people who share probably the most wholesome and enviable friendship I’ve seen on TV, as they grow up in the shadow of the 80s aids epidemic. Be warned – you will cry.

Marry - Gilmore Girls

The ultimate feel good show. It’s hard not to grow attached to to the quirky, flawed and witty characters that live in the small, fictional town of Stars Hollow and wish you could escape there yourself. Watch to see the ups and downs of mother-daughter relationships explored closely, boy drama, laughter and lots of obscure 90s and noughties references.

Image source: Pop TV

Avoid: Schitts Creek

Even as a person who will endure the most terribly written and badly acted, cringey movies, just to see what happens at the end, this show just did not do it for me. Even 3 episodes in the jokes seemed forced and just weren’t that funny. I normally like comedies but, despite the awards and recommendations, I didn’t care about the characters so just couldn’t get invested in this one.

Amy says...

Image source: Bravo TV

Snog: The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills

I am not usually a massive fan of reality shows, but I make an exception for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – that’s how good it is! The cast are amazing and their lavish lifestyles and endless amounts of drama make for incredible viewing. The only reason I couldn’t marry this show is because it was never the same after Lisa Vanderpump left in season 9. Her classic British humour made the show for me and her absence was definitely felt!

Image source: Pinterest

Marry - Desperate Housewives

From the real to the desperate! Desperate Housewives was the first series I properly fell in love with. I’ve re-watched it countless times over the years and it gets better each time I do. It is equal parts funny, dramatic and thrilling! It is consistently good too, with each season being just as good as the last. For anyone who has never seen it – it is a must watch!

Image source: HBO

Avoid: Game of Thrones

Whilst I have no doubt that this is a great show (as I have been told so by many many people), it’s just not my thing! Perhaps one day I will cave and watch it, but for now it just does not appeal to me!

Tori says...

Image source: E Networks!

Snog: Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Who doesn’t want a taste of the Kardashian lifestyle? As a lover of easy watches, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is my go-to girly show where I can escape from my own reality and jump into Kendall Jenner’s. Not to mention the drama, I love it!

Image source: Hulu

Marry - Normal People

Normal People is a must watch if you’re feeling like more of a deep, romantic moment. You’re more than likely to become invested in the characters and fall in love with the charming Connell. My go to emotional series or if I want a crying sesh!

Image source: Bandicoot TV

Avoid: The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is a big avoid for me – can you get a more annoying cringe worthy tv show?

Eva says...

Image source: BBC

Snog: The Great British Bake Off

What more could you ask for from a baking show? Yummy bakes and Paul Hollywood handshakes are just some of the reasons that this is the ultimate feel good show!

Image source: VH1

Marry: RuPaul’s Drag Race

My go-to series for whenever I need a good laugh (or cry sometimes)! I love everything about this show, from the runway looks and makeup to the hilarious challenges!

Image source: HBO

Avoid: Game Of Thrones

Mythical creatures and magic just aren’t for me!

Laura says...

Snog: Singles Inferno

Stranded and ready to mingle, nine young flirty Korean singles search for love on a deserted island that they can only escape as couples for date nights on their new island paradise. It’s amazing to see the cultural differences between the Korean males, and a typical UK lad! They appear very respectful and grateful for the women ‘giving them their time’, and often compliment their ‘purity’ (I think i’d pass out if I ever heard my boyfriend say this).

Image source: VH1

Marry: RuPaul’s Drag Race

My ultimate guilty pleasure! There’s nothing more uplifting than hearing Ru Paul’s cackle, and witnessing a compilation of the splits on my TV Screen. This show has a lasting legacy; catapulting drag into the mainstream. Expect looks of exitement -whether it’s mastering a creative styling brief, a crazy performance or a comedy routine. Now ”Sashay away!!”.

Image source: Netflix

Avoid: The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

…and the longest ever title award goes too this one! From the get go I wasn’t sure whether this was a comedy, a thriller or a horror?! But apparently it is meant to mock many of the psychological thrillers out there. How this has been awarded a 7/20 on IMDB, I will never know. Strange storyline, shocking acting, and the weirdest ending i’ve ever witnessed…this is not amusing, just awful!

Hollie says...

Image source: HBO

Snog: Euphoria

Currently it’s everyones fix. Euphoria follows the various storylines of the most individual and yet flawed characters as they make their way through their teenage years. The show focuses on huge a range of topics such as: love, friendships, drugs, money, trauma, social media and the list goes on – all whilst battling with trying to figure out their own identities. Honestly your favourite character will change every week as the madness unfolds – how can you not get invested in the drama?

Image source: Channel 4

Marry: Gogglebox

When saying it as it is, watching other people watch TV really doesn’t sound that entertaining – but something about Gogglebox provides the funniest highlights of tv I’ve ever seen. It gives all the comfort of being at home and settling down to watch the telly whenever you stick an episode on, as well as keeping you in the loop about all things TV. It’s guaranteed to make you feel all the emotions, have all the laughs and create discussions from all sides of the nation, and as a bonus also help you find the next thing worth watching – all whilst watching the box!

Image source: ABC

Avoid: Greys Anatomy

Controversial? Yes. Even with all the drama, the thought of a hospital setting and multiple surgeries is something I just can’t jump at the thought of! Perhaps thats why I just just couldn’t get invested. I’m sure their journeys to become the best doctors and save lives could be amazing, but with the realism of the medical procedures it’s a no for me – feel’s like I’m watching an episode of 24 Hours in A&E!

Ximena says...

Image source: CNN

Snog: Inventing Anna

Still having swindler fever? then this is the show to watch! This miniseries base on true events and produced by Shonda Rhimes delves into the story of Anna Sorokin, better known as Anna Delvey, a young and ambitious German Heiress, entrepreneur and socialite that turns everyone’s life upside down when she’s discovered to be a master manipulator and con artist who defrauded multiple banks, friends, hotels, companies and restaurants.

Image source: Bravo

Marry: The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills

Who doesn’t love witnessing a little drama, fashion, cocktails and diamonds all in one? The Real Housewives of Beverly Housewives gives you all of this and so much more; with guaranteed shade in each season, the new and ‘fresh’ faces join the OGs to determine who’s shopping, meltdowns and extravagant parties are the best one’s in Beverly Hills.  

Image source: Netflix

Avoid: Love is Blind

Cringe, cringe, cringe, is probably the only way to describe this show. With contestants unable-to see each other, and having to trust that the person they’re trying to become acquainted to is being fully transparent; they then need to make the leap of faith and get engage to get the chance to meet the ‘love of their lives’ in person – to then get married!. On top of that all the contestants that then chose to get engaged go on a retreat together – with the other contestants that they were trying to ‘fall in love with’!! Unless you’re not ready for an 100% irrational and cringe worthy show this one is to be avoided.


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