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Best Smartwatches for Fitness

With a lot of us having fitness goals after the Christmas and New Year season, you might be looking to invest in a new smartwatch. Here are our top six picks and what they have to offer.  

Fitbits have dominated the smartwatch industry for years now, before offering only fitness options through the app to now running alongside Apple and Samsung smartwatches. The Fitbit Versa 3 offers voice commands as well as smartphone notifications like Apple and Samsung watches alongside contactless payments via Fitbit Pay. You’ll have the features of your phone as well as fitness trackers all on your wrist. It can track everyday activity like steps as well as sleeping patterns. At the gym, it can help keep you in the zone with their Active Zone Minutes feature. The Fitbit Versa 3 also includeguided breathing sessions, eating habits advice and help to help you better understand your menstrual cycle.  

The Reflex Active, compared to the others on this list, is a more basic fitness smartwatch. It features swap dial designs, selfie camera control, and a find your phone function. It also allows the wearer to receive calls and message notifications as well as track your activities and sleep. Ideal for beginners! 

The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is resistant to almost anything you throw at it – water, dust and acrylic nails! The smart watch works in a similar way to a Samsung phone, compatible with apps that can be downloaded from the Google play store. That means you can access your socials without even opening your phone. It allows you to receive and make calls as well as respond to text messages and emails. In terms of fitness, it displays the weather so you know how best to dress for your hike, a music player for those motivational tunes, a heart rate monitor, pedometer, distance tracker, accelerometer, GPS and sleep and calorie trackers.  

Similar to the Samsung Galaxy watch, this one also allows for apps to be downloaded through the App store. It can measure your blood oxygen levels, take an ECG and can be adjusted up to 2.5 times brighter so you can still read it in the sunshine. The Apple watch is very similar to the Samsung in terms of what it can offer, so it really boils down to whether are you Team Samsung or Team Apple 

The Polar Grit X is ideal for mountain training! It has been tested against extreme temperatures as well as drops from heights. The Grit X has a built-in GPS, compass, altimeter in training mode, and Polar’s unique Smart Coaching features. The detailed uphill and downhill stats from Hill Splitter will tell you how you performed on the ascent and descent sections of your route, allowing you to see where you might need to improve and where you have excelled. Seeing how you approach the uphill and downhill parts of your route will help you visualise your goals easier.  

The Garmin VivoActive 4S has been praised for its many features, especially the stress tracking function that allows for relaxation reminders as well as tracking your stress levels. It can also track your body’s energy levels. When used alongside the Garmin Connect app, people who menstruate can track their menstrual cycle or pregnancy using this watch.  


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