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9 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations That Will Blow Your Mind

Summer and travel go together like fish and chips! And don’t assume that travel is only for those who have a lot of disposable income, or a stash of money in an offshore bank account somewhere… We’ve listed a bunch of budget-friendly travel destinations that will blow your
mind without blowing your bank account!

No, you won’t be relegated to ramshackle accommodations or forced to catch your own food (unless you want to!). These spots might be affordable but they’re filled with adventure, exciting local food, and (in general) lovely people who are happy to welcome visitors to their home.

Ready to go somewhere new this summer? Here’s our list of places that offer spectacular experiences for an extremely affordable price. Knock one off your bucket list this year!

Laos, Southeast Asia

Laos might be one of the lesser-known spots in Southeast Asia, but it’s a lovely destination. It’s rife with adventures like unexplored jungle landscapes, Asia’s most beautiful waterfalls, and awe-inspiring Buddhist temples.

Don’t be afraid to try the local food, which is tasty and will set you back between £3 and £8 a day, depending on what you choose to eat. Rent a motorcycle for around £5 a day, and you can get really decent (non-hostel) accommodation for £25ish. If you’re okay with a hostel setting, the max price you can expect is around £10 per night.

Add all of this up, and you can expect to pay around £20 per day for a rustic experience, or closer to £40 daily if you want something a little more upmarket. This leaves you plenty of room for activities, which can cost anything from £2 to £10 depending on what you choose.

View the government’s advice on travelling to Laos here! Do your research beforehand so you can stay as safe as possible during your trip.


Don’t be put off by the prices in Lisbon—it’s the main tourist destination in the country, but once you get away from it, cost drops dramatically. You can have a good backpacking experience for £40 to £50 per day, depending.

Shopping at local markets will keep your food costs down, and you’ll eat healthier too! The country is known for its wine, which you may end up spending an extra few pounds on if you’re a fan. But there’s also quite a bit to do for free, like tanning on one of the beaches, visiting the many quaint villages, and photographing the beautiful architecture.

Outside of Lisbon, you’ll also come across fewer tourists, which means you can really immerse yourself in the local culture. Check out the government’s info on the country to familiarise yourself with what you need to know before going.


Tropical jungle, white beaches, clear turquoise water… Thailand has all these movie-worthy things, and it’s extremely affordable to boot! It’s good to know that spending the majority of your holiday on the islands will up the cost, as they’re very tourist-oriented.

But opt for some of the lesser-known inland areas, and you can expect to get by quite comfortably on £20 to £30 per day. Many of the best attractions—temples, waterfalls, stunning hikes, etc—are free, and even those that aren’t won’t set you back much.

Even if you want to shell out for more expensive accommodation, if you stick to using the local buses and eat street food as often as possible (which is delicious, BTW!), you’ll have one of the cheapest holidays of your life.

Plus, if you’re looking for a paid holiday kind of travel experience, consider getting your TEFL certificate and teaching English here. It’s a great way to pay for your experiences on the go! Check out the  info you need to know here.


Nepal is loaded with spiritual significance, spectacular mountain hikes, and unique culture that’s well worth experiencing. It’s also shockingly cheap, unless you’re planning a voyage up Mount Everest!

Most food, lodging, and transport options will set you back just a few pounds each on a daily basis. Street food is abundant and in many cases, will cost you less than a pound. Mix this with home-cooked meals in the local restaurants, and you’ll eat well for very little.

If you’re into mountain trekking, you can do an independent hike for as little as £8 per day for accommodation and food on lower-elevation hikes, and up to £20 a day on higher elevation ones.

Here’s the info you need to know before booking your vacation. Get educated so you can have the best possible experience!

The Balkans

The Balkans is actually a small group of countries, including Macedonia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, and Montenegro. It’s surprisingly tourist-free, which makes it a lovely authentic experience at an impressively low price.

Like almost any other European area, you’ll be able to partake in wonderful nature experiences, experience lovely coastlines, enjoy the local nightlife, try the local cuisine, and get amazing photographs.

Depending on where exactly you are, you can eat for a week on as little as £20. That leaves plenty of cash in hand for accommodation and activities. Some countries also feature a mediaeval architecture that makes for amazing photos.


It’s important to note that if you’re taking a guided tour through Morocco, it’s not really cheap. But travel on your own, and the price drops considerably. Morocco is one of the most common bucket list travel destinations, but it’s also one of the cheapest, so don’t miss it!

You can stay in luxurious accommodation for an impressively good price (the traditional riad hotels), but you can also opt for a hostel-type environment if you don’t mind it and you want to save some more pennies. The food is unique but a really great experience, and it’s well-priced. Don’t expect to be drinking beer every day though—there’s not much of a drinking culture here.

Find out more before you book here, but you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck here—the  awdropping expanse of the desert, the colourful bustle of the city, and the postcard-worthy temples. Don’t forget your sunscreen—it’s hottttt!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica isn’t as cheap as some of these places, but it’s still surprisingly affordable in comparison to some. If you’re looking for a spot with abundant nature, this is worth the stay. Get your fill of volcanoes, jungles, beaches, rainforests, and wildlife. It’s a nature-lover’s paradise!

It’s actually a pretty touristy place, which means you’ll need to keep a lookout for tourist traps. It’s a good idea to learn some of the local language and make a friend who’ll show you the “real” Costa Rica, rather than falling for the snake oil salesmen!

You can backpack for £30 to £40 a day, or go large and luxurious for around £80 daily. Eat local, spend time on the beach, or take a hike if you want free activities. You can also enjoy activities like stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking, snorkelling, and more, for a moderate price that’s quite worth it.

Do your research and enjoy your trip


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