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7 Halloween Hair & Makeup Looks You Might Not Have Thought Of

Whether you’re a makeup connoisseur or owns one makeup brush kind of girl, we’ve got you covered.


The spooky season is upon us, and I’m sure this year we will see a lot of Nancy Wheelers and Eddie Munsons. Whether you’re heading to a Halloween party, the club or planning a movie night with the girls, there is nothing more fun than utilizing this spooky time to play and experiment with your makeup and hair.  

Sick of painting your face like a cat or a broken doll? We have a couple of ideas to refresh your Halloween outfits. If you don’t want to splurge on a crazy costume this year, one great way to save some cash and have fun is through your makeup this Halloween. We’ve all seen enough Harley Quinns and clowns for a lifetime. So how can you mix it up this year?


Pirate Makeup

Aye, aye captain. Focus on your makeup this Halloween with a classic pirate look. If there is one thing we learned from Pirate of the Caribbean, it’s the dirtier, the messier, the smokier eye, the better. So, find your black eye shadow and get blending. Have some fun and do this makeup look your own way, from smokey eyes, to adding a little brown/black eyeshadow as a deep contour, throw on some fake blood and a red lip to complete the look. Include your hair in tiny individual plaits through a waved look for the ultimate pirate moment, or tie yours with a bandana or any hat you can find. Maybe invest in an eyepatch from Amazon. Simply find a white shirt or white mini dress to finalize the look. Who said pirates had to wear a uniform? 

Stranger Things-Inspired Makeup

If there is one show that totally took over our lives this year, it was Strange Things season 4. Now if you class yourself as a makeup connoisseur, that one friend everyone goes to for a makeover, then you might want to try something a little more artsy, like Vecna style face paint. Whereas if like me, you can’t even apply a little eyeshadow right, why not go as one of your favourite characters, with a light easy makeup look take some serious inspo from the 80’s, and pair with your best vintage garms. Take your hair full Nancy afro style for a serious 80’s revival and give yourself some tight curls to complete the look.


Marvel Makeup - Wanda

WandaVision was the IT season for Marvel fans and who better to be for Halloween than the Scarlett Witch herself? Go for a natural and mysterious makeup look by blending a lot of red into your eye line, crease, and contour. Make sure to smoke the eyes out and add a bold lip. You could even buy the Wanda headpiece from Etsy if you’re fully invested while waving your hair for the Elizabeth Olsen look.


Looking for something fun and a little less scary this Halloween? Don’t worry we love a non-spooky look! Why not take the opportunity to dress up like a Bridgerton? It’s not every day you can walk around in full Bridgerton style. Give yourself a glowy makeover, this is one for you minimal girls who prefer an easy look this spooky season. Simply go for a lifted natural makeup look and focus all the excitement in the hair, from headpieces to butterfly clips scoop whatever you can find to create the perfect up-do. Go for the classic Daphne, half up, half down but don’t be tempted to cut your own bangs!


Bratz Dolls

What’s more iconic in this Y2K revival era than the Bratz doll? If you’re a fan of the Y2K miniskirts and crop tops you already have your costume sorted. A potential fun look for all your girlfriends, to go as the Bratz crew together. This makeup look requires exaggerated eyes and lips. So overline your lips to your heart’s desire and go for a cut crease, but draw that line A LOT higher up than usual.

Catwoman Makeup - Zoe Kravitz (The Batman)

If like me, you’re still not over seeing Zoe Kravits as Catwoman this year, then why not channel that energy into Halloween? Go for the sexy, sultry look. No this is not your usual cat costume, this is Zoe Kravits style. You’ll need to start off with a sleek hairdo, so get your hair look shinier than ever, and give yourself that straight blowout with a twist to the ends. For makeup go for a chiseled cheekbone and cat eye moment (of course).


Zodiac Sign Makeup

We all have that one friend. It’s the year of asking ‘what sign are you?’. If you feel like getting artsy with your Halloween look this year get ready to paint your face with your star sign. Get creative and start with some colours to create almost like a canvas base, smoking out your star signs colours around your face, then add some white face paint to carve out your sign. That’s so Aquarius of you!


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