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6 Questions With The Lux Aesthetic

Lucy, a.k.a @the.lux.aesthetic, really knows what she is talking about when it comes to beauty products. She has tried and tested countless products and even has the dreamy photos to prove it. She knows what is worth trying, what isn’t and has developed some useful tips and tricks along the way. Here, she shares with Cohorted those tips and tricks, as well as her makeup and skincare staples… 

Who are your beauty inspirations.

I think a lot of women would answer this way: my first ever inspiration was my mum. She is 65 this year but has the most amazing skin! She taught me about the importance of cleansing, toning and moisturising when I was a teenager and I’ve never looked back. I hope I look at good as she does when I’m her age.  

Secondly, since starting my skincare Instagram I’m so much more focused on the importance of great skin as a base and so try to wear less and less make up. This movement was definitely inspired by the likes of Alicia Keys, who’s make up free face is stunning and the Keys Soulcare range is great. Also the natural, glowy skincare influencer Elle McNamara of @Bambidoesbeauty.

What is the best piece of beauty advice you've been given?

Being part of the skinsta community means that I’m privy to so much beauty advice but I think we’re all in agreement when I say this: SPF is the most important step. Yes, even in Winter. I love Bright Start by Wild Science Lab at the moment, it has vitamin C, smells citrussy and just absorbs beautifully. 

'SPF is the most important step. Yes, even in Winter.'

What are your makeup staples?

I don’t tend to leave the house without mascara and lip balm! I used to work in the beauty industry years ago so I’ve tried almost every mascara on the market and I always come back to Hypnose by Lancome. It never flakes, isn’t crispy, doesn’t clump and just lasts all day.  

My current makeup obsession is cream blusher for pink cheeks and a dewy finish. I love to apply products with my fingers (so easy) and so have found myself reaching for the Wander Beauty Double Date lip and cheek stacker in shade Honeymoon. You can use it on lips and cheeks and it includes a clear lip balm that I love to double up as a highlighter on the go. The little mirror is handy too!

What are your skincare staples

It’s very, very difficult for me to choose my ‘staples’ so below I’ve mentioned products I repurchase, reach for repeatedly and miss when they’re not in my collection.  

Firstly, a hydration holy grail: Embryolisse Laite Crème Concentraite. This product is super multi-use and works hard. It can be used as a moisturiser, make up primer or mask. Sometimes when my skin feels dry, I layer this on thick and literally watch my skin drink it. I always take this on a plane with me too, where it’s been an undereye mask, hand cream, foot cream, the list goes on.  

I also need to mention Vinoperfect radiance serum by Caudalie. I think, at last count, I’ve been through nine bottles of this beauty. This is key for reducing dark spots and boosting radiance. I attribute my glow to this little bottle. It also hydrates, smells wonderful and layers perfectly under SPF. I’m getting married next year and both of these will be in my bridal skincare routine.

Any beauty tips and tricks?

Next time you’re online or reading a magazine and spot a celebrity on the red carpet, instead of marvelling at their flawless faces, look at their hands. Honestly. Hands are such a giveaway for age! So, my tip is this: don’t forget your hands. When you’re applying your skincare and you find you have excess, just rub it into the backs of your hands then seal it all in with SPF in the AM or retinol in the PM. Get ready to be the 70-year-old who has the hands of a 30-year-old in years to come.  

What storage do you use for your beauty products?

I take massive pride in my Malm dressing table from Ikea, the drawer is so handy and stores all my hair essentials from my Dyson to my scrunchie collection. On top I have a marble tray from H&M home that houses my daily skincare and a massive round mirror. I like to keep things minimal, so I store most of my stash out of sight in Hay store colourful stacking crates. They’re all over my house to be honest!  


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