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Times are tough right now. As well as the ongoing societal problem of systematic and systemic racism against black people across the world, the Coronavirus pandemic continues. With many of us still abiding by lockdown restrictions, travelling has been severely disrupted.  You may have had a holiday planned that’s been cancelled or postponed. You might have planned to take a quick trip away to escape the hustle and bustle of life. You probably planned a staycation to get away from your hometown for a short while. Regardless of your travel plans, it’s annoying to have to put things on hold. 
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The Benefits of Meditation On Your Mental Health
Life is still a little on the crazy side right now… I mean, if you’d have asked me back in January what I thought I’d achieve this year, you can bet your bottom dollar I wouldn’t have said building a loungewear collection and not leaving my house for months, other than to go food shopping and walk the dog. No socialising… no holidays… not going into work…  Life has literally been flipped upside down for a lot of people and now more than ever, it’s important to look after our mental health and wellbeing. Spending most of your time alone, or with the same few people in your household can also be hard, especially if you’re a natural social butterfly.  
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20 Jul

The Power of Makeup

My passion for makeup started when I was just a little girl. I remember being absolutely obsessed with it, especially eyeshadow and red lipstick! I would sit in my room for hours, just playing with it and experimenting with my own makeup. 

Any chance I got, I would ask any grown-up I was around at the time if I could do their makeup. I say ask, but what I really mean is pester. I would always say…”When I’m older, I’m going to be a beautician”. I was captivated by the thought of making other people feel and look good

Fast forward 25 years and I began to study makeup. I had been doing my own for years and was always pretty good at it, so I decided I was going to get into it properly and train to become a professional makeup artist. I studied YouTube tutorials and would practice on myself and my friends as much as I could until I landed myself a space on an intense Level 3 Makeup course. This was a 20-week course, and it was on this course that I learnt so much. It catapulted me to the next level of my craft. 

From there, I started my own selfemployed business as a freelance makeup artist. I built it up over the years and had a very successful clientele. It was my passion and to me, it never felt like it was job, but instead my hobby. I enjoyed every part of it. For me, the most rewarding part was the look on someone’s face when I would reveal their make-up look to them. 

Seeing the joy in their faces and watching how makeup would make my client become instantly confident, resulting in them feeling really good about themselves. That for me was priceless. Making someone feel good and confident in their own skin, is what makes my job so rewarding. I love helping people feel this way 

The same goes for me too. Battling breast cancer and going through chemotherapy took a lot out of me, especially where my appearance was concerned. A lot changed for me in terms of how I looked, especially due to hair loss, weight loss and changes in my skin. One thing I could turn to, to help me feel better, was my makeup. Being a makeup artist during this time of my life, was such a blessing for me. I was able to lift my spirits and make myself feel amazing and confident, just like I had been doing for years with my clients. It was now my turn to feel this way, through the power of makeup. 

Makeup has always been my super-power; My super tools, especially during the time in my life, when I didnt look or feel myself. I embraced my new look and with the help of makeupbegan to fall in love with the “new me”. 

I feel like my passion for makeup has intensified from my experience and I love creating new looks to match my new look. Makeup brought me back to life, filled me with confidence that just oozes out when I am all glammed up. I capture this through my photography, as I do with all my clients. I’m able to savour that special moment, something that is so for me to reflect on

I am truly able to express myself through my makeup, especially with how I am feeling at the moment. It is a tool I use for a number of things… 

  • To feel confident
  • To express my emotions
  • To teach
  • Self-expression 
  • To feel positive
  • Distraction 

During the lockdown, I have been able to find my passion and love for makeup again. I see it as a blessing to refresh my skills and master my craft. I’m ready to be unleashed back into the public doing what I do best, which is making people feel good and confident about themselves.  

Makeup doesn’t make us beautiful, it enhances our beauty. I love being able to bring out people’s best features using the power of makeupEach face is different, I love studying my clients’ faces, getting familiar with them. Instantly, I can tell what colours will suit them, and what style will accentuate their features best. It really is a work of art painting somebody else’s face; It’s a canvas and I love to get creative on it.

Makeup has changed my life and I couldn’t imagine a world without it. Its like a sheet of confidence, instantly making you feel better; That for me is pricelessboosting someone’s confidence in an instant, including my own. 

Being stripped of my hair, makeup has been my superpower, especially where expressing myself has been concerned. On the days where I’m not feeling my best, I will WAKE UP AND MAKEUP and in an instant, feel on top of the world.

That for me is the power of makeup. 

Follow Leah’s journey on Instagram: @blessedwithcancer 

Leah Singh
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