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Less Choice Might Not Be Such A Bad Thing
I don’t know about you, but my eating habits have definitely changed during lockdown. Availability and acceptance, of course, play a huge part in this, but let’s be honest, food is the biggest excitement. It’s a frequently visited topic of conversation in the house and the greatest joy.  Let’s momentarily glance back to pre-lockdown behaviour. We had become complacent. We could nip to the supermarket (now a major operation) or take an online shop to checkout in under half an hour (and have it delivered the next day, would you believe?). 
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Sleep Hacks: ways to wind-down
Sleep Hacks: ways to wind-down
Whether you struggle getting to sleep, staying asleep or even waking up, there’s something here that might make all the difference to your night time routine. Everyone’s mind and body works differently, but the science behind it is all the same. There are just some specific things that really don’t promote a healthy sleep and some that really do. With a little bit of patience and knowledge, you may figure out where you’re going wrong before bed… That conventional cup of caffeine, I mean tea, before bed? Could be the worst decision you make.
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Why you need to Marie Kondo your life
Whilst we continue to spend time in isolation, the more we notice around us. You pick up on messy things you may not have noticed until you spend every working day sat in front that hideous, overcrowded bookcase (the one you throw all your clutter onto). With spring creeping towards and more time on our hands, there’s no better time than now to release your inner Marie Kondo and cleanse every inch of your life.
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Important Life Factors
There’s never not a ‘right’ time to learn these 7 key factors of life. When you feel like you’re on top of the world or when you’re at the lowest of lows, acknowledging the 7 factors of wellness and understanding how to utilise their purpose to your personal life, will easily enhance the great times and allow you to pick up from the bad ones.   Each factor is just as important than the other, but some will be more relevant and more important in our day to day lives. There’s nowhere to say you have to be perfect at all 7, it’s just a guideline on how to live a healthy, happy and mindful lifestyle. 
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26 Jun

CBD in Beauty

Let’s talk about cannabis… in your daily beauty routine! There has been a lot of buzz lately about legalising CBD – short for cannabidiol – for medicinal use, with an assortment of oils popping up in the UK’s wellness market. However, CBD has infiltrated the beauty industry too, lacing its way into our skincare, body care and even make-up. 

It is important to note that CBD and marijuana or not the same thing. The cannabis plant is made up of loads of different cannabinoids, including CBD, the non-psychoactive extracts, and THC (short for tetrahydrocannabinol), the illegal psychoactive ingredient. So you will gain all the anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing benefits from the cannabis plant, without the mind-altering side-effects! 

CBD benefits for oily and inflamed skin 

But why is the beauty industry obsessed with CBD? Well, CBD is praised for its anti-inflammatory benefits, which can help soothe irritation, calm redness and reduce inflammation and breakouts. A 2014 study showed that CBD ‘behaves as a highly sebostatic agent,’ in other words the plant extract can help regulate oil production of the sebaceous glands, thus having the ‘potential as a promising agent for the treatment of acne.’ Skincare products containing CBD are therefore great for those with an oily or blemish-prone complexion. 

Anti-ageing benefits 

CBD is also known for its age-defying properties! One major cause of ageing skin is exposer to free radicals, which causes collagen to break down faster, thus resulting in less youthful and firm skin. Causes of free radical damage include UV rays, air pollution, alcohol, smoking and poor nutrition. However, antioxidants can delay damage to our cells by preventing free radicals from binding to them. Many studies have shown that cannabinoids also have antioxidant properties (including the National Institute of Health which has a patent on CBD), which help slow the reduction of collagen. Who doesn’t want firm, smooth and youthful skin? 

Not to be mistaken with hemp oil 

Hemp oil is another extract from the cannabis plant that is totally legal. The difference is that CBD oil is extracted from the whole plant, whereas hemp oil comes from its seeds. Hemp oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which help to soothe and nourish really dry skin. All my dry skin girls – this is for usHemp seed oil also only contains trace amounts of cannabidiolunlike CBD, hence why hemp oil products have been in the market for years. 

So, how can you incorporate CBD and hemp into your daily beauty routine? Here are some of my favourite finds!


Xylem Cucumber Infused Eye Roller

This UK lifestyle CBD brand has just launched their new Cucumber Infused Eye Roller. Xylem’s products are 100% organic, made with genuine amounts of CBD and manufactured in the UK. Their new eye-roller contains cucumber, which claims to improve elasticity and protect against UV rays; jojoba and vitamin E to help skin repair; coconut to reduce inflammation, as well as 250mg of CBD oil. So this is perfect for tired eyes!

Xylem believes CBD oil “has such strong potential in the skincare industry for two reasons: Firstly, the fact it comes from a plant, therefore it naturally comes with antioxidant properties. Secondly, numerous studies have shown that CBD brings so much goodness for your skin, mainly thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits.”

Dr Botanicals Hemp Bio-Vitality Nutrition Oil 

If your skin is in desperate need of hydration, then apply this facial oil before you go to bed. It is infused with hemp seed oil, which is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin – especially dry skin! I love applying this at night because I wake up with hydrated skin – no dry patches! 

Dr Botanicals Anti-Oxidant Stress repairing CBD Sleep Moisturiser 

Dr Botanicals have a hemp and CBD range! This intensive moisturiser will nourish and hydrate your skin overnight, so you wake up with a healthy complexion.  

Aurelia CBD Super Serum 

This serum contains CBD and hyaluronic acid to increase hydration and minimise skin irritation, due to the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD. Aurelia also claims that their serum calms sebum production and reduces wrinkles. 

Revolution CBD Essence Spray 

Need a nourishing face mist for your sensitive skin, but don’t want to dig deep into your purse? Try this nourishing face mist that claims to soothe sensitivity, minimise redness and hydrate the complexion. 


Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector 

An oldie but a goodie. I have eczema on my hands, so I rely on heavy-duty hand creams to prevent horrendously painful and inflamed flare-ups. I have used this bestselling hand cream for years. It is intensive, yet gentle on the hands. 


Milk Hydro Grip Primer 

This award-winning primer contains hemp-derived cannabis seed extract as well as aloe water, hyaluronic acid and B vitamins. This beautiful cocktail of ingredients will hydrate the skin, leaving a youthful and supple finish. 

So, how can you incorporate CBD and hemp into your daily beauty routine? Here are some of my favourite finds! Share your favourites with me on Instagram: @themayanirvana!

Yemaya Marsden

Yemaya (or Maya) is a trainee primary school teacher with a passion for inspiring children to learn... and sharing her knowledge of skincare and make-up with grown-ups. She also has an obsession with coffee, Pokemon and tattoos.

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