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Less Choice Might Not Be Such A Bad Thing
I don’t know about you, but my eating habits have definitely changed during lockdown. Availability and acceptance, of course, play a huge part in this, but let’s be honest, food is the biggest excitement. It’s a frequently visited topic of conversation in the house and the greatest joy.  Let’s momentarily glance back to pre-lockdown behaviour. We had become complacent. We could nip to the supermarket (now a major operation) or take an online shop to checkout in under half an hour (and have it delivered the next day, would you believe?). 
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Sleep Hacks: ways to wind-down
Sleep Hacks: ways to wind-down
Whether you struggle getting to sleep, staying asleep or even waking up, there’s something here that might make all the difference to your night time routine. Everyone’s mind and body works differently, but the science behind it is all the same. There are just some specific things that really don’t promote a healthy sleep and some that really do. With a little bit of patience and knowledge, you may figure out where you’re going wrong before bed… That conventional cup of caffeine, I mean tea, before bed? Could be the worst decision you make.
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Why you need to Marie Kondo your life
Whilst we continue to spend time in isolation, the more we notice around us. You pick up on messy things you may not have noticed until you spend every working day sat in front that hideous, overcrowded bookcase (the one you throw all your clutter onto). With spring creeping towards and more time on our hands, there’s no better time than now to release your inner Marie Kondo and cleanse every inch of your life.
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Important Life Factors
There’s never not a ‘right’ time to learn these 7 key factors of life. When you feel like you’re on top of the world or when you’re at the lowest of lows, acknowledging the 7 factors of wellness and understanding how to utilise their purpose to your personal life, will easily enhance the great times and allow you to pick up from the bad ones.   Each factor is just as important than the other, but some will be more relevant and more important in our day to day lives. There’s nowhere to say you have to be perfect at all 7, it’s just a guideline on how to live a healthy, happy and mindful lifestyle. 
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3 Apr

Say No to Stress

April is Stress Awareness Month, and we’re smack bang in the middle of the most stressful time any of us will ever see.  Let’s look at what would have been one of the major causes of stress before our world was abducted by the invisible enemy.  Perhaps there’s a valuable lesson to be learned.

Another work project, an invitation to the fourth consecutive night out, an expensive hen do (from a distant friend), agreeing to a weekly spin class to please a work colleague (when a light jog around the park is significantly more pleasurable); we’ve perhaps all been guilty of taking on more than we can handle.

Recently, the decision on whether to accept or decline was temporarily swiped right out of our incredibly clean hands.  Our previous lives now feel like another existence. At some stage, we will enter a new normal. As our once over-spilling digital diaries resemble the bleakness of today’s supermarket shelves, we’ve had considerable time at home to reflect. But as desperate as we may be for any social contact, should we restock our lives with caution?

I’ve previously talked about how empowering it can be to say no, but if you’re a people pleaser, it may not come naturally. Here are a few tried and tested techniques that will help you politely decline when you acclimatise to the reformed outside world. What better time than now to really calm your life down.

Don’t commit straight away

How many times do you agree to something on the spot, then walk away kicking yourself, wondering how the hell you’re going to get out of it? Think of the wasted time, energy and unnecessary stress this causes you. Say you need to think about it, and you’ll get back to them. This gives you time to decide and think of a response.

Make it positive

So you’ve decided, on this occasion, to decline.  But how do you actually say it?  Make it positive and show some appreciation, ‘Thank you for thinking of me, but I won’t be able to’.  You could always add, ‘Maybe next time’. 

Be honest

You don’t need to explain yourself, or think of a long-winded excuse, but sometimes a little honesty helps the other person accept your decision without offense.  You can say this isn’t a good time for you, or you simply have too much on.   

You have a choice

Putting things into perspective should be easier now than ever. But if you are struggling to decline, and the guilt has kicked in, remember you have a choice. Tapping into the logical part of your brain and opting for practicality, rather than emotion, will help. Don’t feel guilty, this is self-care.

Say no to yourself

According to Ofcom, on average we check our phones every 12 minutes.  I would think this frequency might have significantly risen in recent weeks.  Each check-in triggers a spike in our stress levels, and it just takes a little self-control to change the habit.  You don’t need to respond to every message straight away.  Turn your notifications off, put your phone out of sight, and you’ll be less tempted.  Friends will soon understand, and accept, that you don’t always give an immediate response.  You won’t miss out; you’re simply managing expectations and slowing things down.  You’ll not only gain respect, you might even find it catches on.

It’s always worth taking a step back and putting things into perspective.  When you’re stressed, it’s easy to overreact and overthink.  Fast-forward a year; will you regret this decision then?  The chances are you won’t even remember.   
Joanne Howe

Talking about something you love comes naturally. When I write, I rarely struggle to find the right words. I am a highly experienced creative and versatile copywriter, specialising in the health and wellbeing industry. Health and happiness go hand in hand. I love to work with brands who believe in self-care. If you love what you do, it’s hard not to be happy.

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