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Self-Isolation Guide: It’s time for self-love
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A reason to exercise, that has nothing to do with looks
I used to be, quite firmly, anti-exercise. I was literally the nemesis of exercise. Sure, I knew in theory that it was supposed to make you feel better, look better, blah blah blah. But hating exercise became a part of my personality so deeply ingrained that it was almost a reflex to wince at the thought.
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5 Ways to Stop Hating Mondays
Almost everyone hates Monday. It's the first and official sign that the weekend is over and we pretty much have to go back to reality. We have to turn on our alarm back and go back to work which is not the ideal situation when we are tired and we necessarily don’t want to go.. However, there’s always something positive in each negative situation, so here are 5 reasons why we should not hate Monday and start embracing it!
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Antioxidants – Why you need them and how to get more
To say the world of nutrition is confusing is a bit of an understatement.  The sheer quantity of disease-fighting superfoods and life-changing diets has got out of hand (in my opinion).  We not only have too much choice but a whole host of conflicting advice.  This can add pressure to our already over-worked brains, and it’s all too easy to lose motivation (if we don’t see results by the end of January) and resort to old habits.
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17 Mar

Spring Fashion Looks for 2020

With spring fast approaching its time to put away the chunky knits and parka coats. This season has shown a new modern power for women within the approach to the suit. The Bermuda short suit has revived the prominence of the suit across the runway. Designers from Chloe to Givenchy are embracing the Bermuda approach. This Spring is all about ease and comfort with drawstrings replacing buttons and zips for a more relaxed feminine approach, as this trickles down quickly to high street stores such as H&M taking this on board with the simple strings.

But with more consumers aware of the climate crisis are the catwalks heading more towards being green? Being the second most polluting industry in the world, our vision has to be classic and sustainable. More and more high street brands begin to create recycled pieces this Spring. But what are established designers doing? Well, Stella McCartney created her most sustainable collection yet more than 75% of the materials used were eco-friendly.

Faux leather continues to show popular among the high street, with there now being faux leather shorts and even joggers. This is an easy way to dress up a simple spring outfit for the minimalistic trend arising this Spring in Ready-To-Wear. The leather-look will instantly add some attitude to your outfit this Spring.

The trench coat returns, this classic trend will never not be a spring must-have, this season experimenting with materials such as faux leather and the muted colour pallet.

If Bermuda shorts aren’t for you, hot pants are also making a welcomed return, With Chanel always leading the runways the hot pants return and we’re not complaining; we all love a pair of short shorts! Mostly seen in black on the runway, it’s clear they’re here to make a statement.

Another returning trend is neon, for those who want to stand out from the crowd, this striking colour pallet has returned. Seen in Valentino’s collection on a feminine delicately draped dress in bold highlighter inspired neon yellow.

Feminine tailoring and details are 2020 Spring’s focus. With lightweight materials updating tailoring this Spring, pastels, and colour block styling drive this look forward. The neutral pallet of muted utility tones brings contemporary fashion back this spring. This engaging minimalistic trend is recapturing women empowerment through masculine suits with delicate details.

Its obvious tailoring has a secure grip on Spring 2020 with this modest, graceful refined look on the suit. Women’s fashion will be a statement of feminism this spring.

Georgia Leigh Rhodes

Fashion. Self love. Gratitude. Fashion Student at Leeds University, the one thing i was always 100% about was what career i wanted, everything else were still figuring out...

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