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A reason to exercise, that has nothing to do with looks
I used to be, quite firmly, anti-exercise. I was literally the nemesis of exercise. Sure, I knew in theory that it was supposed to make you feel better, look better, blah blah blah. But hating exercise became a part of my personality so deeply ingrained that it was almost a reflex to wince at the thought.
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Antioxidants – Why you need them and how to get more
To say the world of nutrition is confusing is a bit of an understatement.  The sheer quantity of disease-fighting superfoods and life-changing diets has got out of hand (in my opinion).  We not only have too much choice but a whole host of conflicting advice.  This can add pressure to our already over-worked brains, and it’s all too easy to lose motivation (if we don’t see results by the end of January) and resort to old habits.
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17 Mar

Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day

St.Patrick’s Day is fast approaching and we’re putting a Cohorted Cult twist on it! What better time to consider your carbon footprint than with our top Vegan Beauty, Haircare and Fashion brands. So, channel your inner Saint Paddy and go green the right way this year.

The Fashion and Beauty industries are finally waking up to the importance of sustainability and 2020 has been no stranger to some life-altering events; for example, the Australian bushfires that were caused by the intense rise of extreme heat and prolonged drought due to global warming. Now, more than ever, should be the time we encourage and approach a more sustainable, eco-friendly and green way of living.

Below is our guide to living your best sustainable life, so we can continue to do the better good for our planet.




Axiology creates ethical lipsticks and use ingredients that are vegan and all natural, in their distinctive triangular recycled paper boxes. Their lipsticks are even PETA approved and include no palm oil, something that is a rising concern in beauty products. Their Dimension Bronze Lipstick is perfect for the summer, with deep gold and pink undertones and a soft creamy texture, leaving a shiny pigment finish. The perfect shade to prep for spring!

Neal’s Yard:

Neal’s Yard, the first UK brand to be ‘Look For The Zero’ certified. This modern, award-winning organic health and beauty brand use the highest amount of organic ingredients as possible, as they are known to be kinder to the earth. Using blue bottles, for a green future. This Wild Rose Beauty Balm is perfect to help keep your skin glowing and nourished in all weather conditions. Keep your glow all-year-round!


ZAO, a brand that uses recycled cardboard boxes and eco-friendly packaging for their products. Their bamboo and biodegradable packaging is used for lip glosses, mascaras and bronzers. Our favourite is this Aloe Vera Mascara, that comes in both black and brown shades. Did we mention that it is also refillable? – a great way to reduce packaging!




Biolage is a haircare brand that specialises in sulphate free and paraben free hair products. Oh, and they’re Vegan too! This All-In-One Hairspray is the perfect product for all hair types to restore, protect and nourish your hair. We’re here for it!

Love Beauty and Planet

This brand is obsessed with creating amazing and ethical beauty products, to do what is good for the planet and we’re obsessed with them! All products are created with organic and sustainable ingredients from the most natural parts of the world. One of our favourites is the Muru Muru Butter and Rose Hair Mask, perfect for keeping hair vibrant in a lightweight formula. The bottles are also 100% recyclable, result!


Lush is no stranger to sustainable products. All their packaging is recyclable and you can even get a free product when you return their black pots back to store! Lush are also a company that fight against Animal Testing, not only within their produce but towards their goal to stop it happening worldwide. Lush Shampoo Bars come use a variety of different ingredients to suit all kinds of hair types. The shampoo bars lather up nicely and make your hair smell amazing – like all Lush products!




TALA is an upcoming, sustainable activewear brand, who pride themselves in using organic textiles to create their flattering and fitted clothing. Unlike most sustainable brands, TALA is the new, affordable choice for eco-friendly clothing. Their Zinnia Leggings are one of our favourite products. They are high-rise and designed to flatter your waist, whilst being cuffed above the ankle to contour and perfectly shape your body – they’re making us want to become gym bunnies!

Nobody’s Child

Nobody’s Child create on-trend, sustainable styles whilst reducing textile waste. They pride themselves in their ‘green culture’ of not wanting to add more clothes to landfill sites. Nobody’s Child use upcycled fabrics, re-using leftover fabrics to help create a positive impact on their pieces. They also donate excess fabrics to colleges, to help and inspire a world of future designers. This Cream and Black Check Trudie Dress is on trend this season, with puffed sleeves and a checked design; perfect for the upcoming spring weather!


Thought are an eco-friendly brand creating clothes from organic and Fairtrade ingredients such as cotton, bamboo and hemp. Their pieces are designed to be wardrobe staples that never go out of style and they’re super affordable too! Our faves are these pink Anzola Belted Trousers, made from bamboo. The added belt is designed to synch your waist and are the perfect trousers to add a pop of colour to your Instagram feed. If you aren’t a fan of pink, they also come in black too!

So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate St. Patricks Day the green way this year and incorporate more sustainable and eco-friendly products into your routine, for the better good.

Charlotte Wilkin

A curly haired, Yorkshire-based, blogger trying to achieve my goals one day at a time. From studying a degree in Public Relations with Journalism, I believe that I have well-rounded knowledge in anything and everything beauty, lifestyle and fashion based.

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