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22 Mar

Mothers Day in our house is a double celebration!

It might surprise you, but one of the questions I’m often asked is ‘how do you celebrate Mothers Day as a two mum family?’, usually followed with ‘does one of you take Mothers Day and the other Fathers Day?’… So, I thought seeing as it’s nearly Mothers Day, I’d share a bit about our family.

We are a two mum family. My partner and I met at work and after being together a couple of years, we decided to try for a family; although we knew we both wanted children from the word go. It was a long difficult journey but I’m proud to say we’ve now got two little girls, Violet & Pearl, who were conceived via IVF. Violet is 3, she’s such a caring, artistic, friendly and sweet girl and Pearl is our strong-willed little ‘wrecking ball’. She’s a bundle of energy who will bowl through the house creating a whirlwind of destruction in seconds, followed by the cutest cheeky grin. It’s funny to think but they were created through the same IVF cycle so technically they could be twins, but actually I had them 18 months apart and made them sisters, isn’t science wonderful?

When it comes to Mothers Day it’s a huge celebration in our house as we have not one, but two mothers in our house. Usually, we’ll have presents in the morning, our favourite breakfast foods and a day out with the girls. This might break tradition as one of us isn’t getting to stay in bed and be weighted on, but I think it reflects our family so well, as we work as a team on absolutely everything. The girls call us “Mum” and “Mummy” (which they decided themselves) and although they play us off against each other like all good toddlers do, they see us as equal parents to them in every way. Violet often proudly declares to people (often randomly when out in public) “I’ve got TWO mummies”, which couldn’t be cuter.

People often seem perplexed that in our family, one of doesn’t take the stereotypical ‘mother’ role and the other takes the ‘father’ role. When it comes to household tasks, we are pretty equal. My partner goes out to work and I stay at home, but that only worked out like that as I’m self-employed so could be more flexible. We both cook, clean, read stories, do bedtimes, bath times and look after the girls in exactly the same way, hey – we even do the DIY and take the bin out ourselves too. Shocking, I know!

We are really looking forward to Mothers Day this year, as we always do. Not only are we celebrating another year of keeping two little ones alive and the long journey we went through to create our little family, but the most important thing that families can come in all shapes and sizes too, we are equal, we are recognised. So, whatever your family dynamic is – a person who raises another is a Mother and deserves to be celebrated!

Have a wonderful Mothers Day!  
Lyndsay Gardner

I’m Lyndsay, a blogger, Instagrammer, freelance writer and one half of a same-sex family with two daughters, Violet (2) and Pearl (1). You’ll usually find me with my laptop under one arm and a toddler under the other. It’s fair to say my hands are full but coffee usually gets me by!

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