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Livin’ the Vegan Life: Why & How
Ever thought about diving into the great wide world of veganism? Sure, it may sound like a big undertaking, but when you know what to eat and how to do it, it’s a lot easier than you think. Having years of veganism under my belt, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite easy recipes and hacks for the vegan novice.
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Wellbeing in the Workplace
A new year is here and everyone seems to be on the January bandwagon - Veganuary, no-meat Monday's and of course, the gyms are raking it in with new membership sign-ups! This is a great opportunity for us and will make a huge difference in people's personal wellbeing, making them feel better both physically and mentally for so many reasons. But alongside healthier cooking at home and all those miles on the treadmill, we still really need to consider our wellbeing in the workplace.
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How do I become a gym bunny?
It has recently occurred to me that, although I am yet to turn 25, my body and I are not getting any younger. It’s time to start taking care of myself, and said body, for real this time. And by take care of myself, I don’t mean treat myself to whatever I want food or clothing wise, or to have a pamper night with (insert last months masks) once a week - because I do that anyway.
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6 Essential Skincare Rules from an Expert
Over the past year, I've used hundreds of different beauty products. I've tried out new ingredients, been introduced to new brands and followed lots of different advice... all with the aim of improving my skin. However, with so many beauty trends constantly being flagged as right and wrong and so many conflicting views, I decided it was time to consult an expert for some serious skincare tips.
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11 Feb

Bingeworthy Boxsets: What to Watch and When to Watch it

If you’ve ever wasted hours scrolling Netflix for something to watch, only to be struck with FOMO and no time left to enjoy anything, worry no more. We’ve got three of our fave boxsets for you to enjoy when you need some time to kick back and put your feet up. So, whether you’re heartbroken or you’re on cloud nine after some good news, we’ve got something for you.

After a break-up

It’s never easy ending a relationship, whether by mutual agreement or a messy, angry screaming match. But there’s no greater cure for the heart than a blanket, a pint of ice cream and a Netflix binge. Grab your laptop and favourite stuffed animal and check out Netflix’s thriller series You. Based on a novel by Caroline Kepnes, You follows the story of Joe (Penn Badgley) and his unhealthy obsession with Beck (Elizabeth Lail). What starts as a somewhat cheesy love story becomes a dangerous game of cat and mouse that you’ll watch from the edge of your seat while fearing for Beck and everyone she cares about.


Why it’s great for post-break-up watching: You will remind that life can be better as an independent woman, and that sometimes, men really aren’t worth the drama. It’s also a great prompt to get all of your social media locked down, just in case that new ex doesn’t quite know where the boundaries are.

After a promotion

Nice work! You’ve finally locked down that hard-earned promotion you’ve been fighting for, and you want to celebrate with a glass (or bottle – we don’t judge) of wine and a good series to get stuck into. Well, you’re in luck. Check out Power on Netflix or Starz. Power shows the tale of James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) and his desperate journey to distance himself from the life of drug dealing and criminality that he once led. Filled with twists and turns to keep you gripped, there’s 5 seasons to get your teeth into, with a sixth on the way in August. So settle back, and begin to wonder just how far James will go to protect the life he’s built.


Why it’s great for celebrating a promotion: Not only is Power all about making moves to achieve success, there’s also some seriously powerful women to be marvelled at. Look out for Tasha St. Patrick (Naturi Naughton) and Angela Valdes (Lela Loren), although maybe don’t follow their examples of how to achieve their goals.

Before your wedding

Hey, you’re getting married. That’s amazing! Chances are, you’re not stressed or in need of any relaxation whatsoever, because everyone knows a wedding is just a breeze to plan…No? Thought not. Take a few hours out of your crazy wedding schedule to chill out with your bridesmaids over a great series instead of agonising over centrepieces. Why not watch Don’t Tell the Bride (DTTB) on All 4, Channel 4’s catch up service. It’s a wedding series that shows what can happen if you let your man get too carried away with planning. Brides in DTTB let their partners take over and plan their weddings in just 3 weeks, with a budget of only £14,000. As you can imagine, chaos inevitably ensues, causing for some cringeworthy yet hilarious watching.


Why it’s perfect pre-wedding entertainment: DTTB will give you some great money-saving tips, cool quirks to consider for your own ceremony, and above all will remind you that no matter what happens, it can’t ever be as bad as when one groom made his bride get married in a bikini.

Katie Nicholls

Katie is a freelance content writer that specialises in blog articles, CV recreation and website copy. She has an English Language and Linguistics degree and experience across a variety of publications, and aims to help businesses and individuals stand out from the crowd with dazzling content. In her free time, she loves video gaming, music, writing fiction and riding her motorcycle.

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