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Self-Isolation Guide: It’s time for self-love
COVID-19 is no stranger to anyone globally. Whether you’ve been reading daily articles, watching the news, listening to the radio or just following the trending hashtags on Twitter, everyone is now familiar with Coronavirus, one way or another.
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Staying Sane in Isolation
It’s now been – ahem – a while since Boris announced the country-wide lockdown, with the entire of the U.K.’s non-essential workforce suddenly working from home full time.   After the initial giddiness at the prospect of an extra half an hour in bed, not having to battle the rush hour Northern Line twice a day, and a new work wardrobe comprising mainly loungewear and sliders, the reality of the situation settled in.  
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#StayHome with these Binge-Worthy Shows!
As we all face the dreaded outbreak of Covid-19, we’re hunting for things to cheer us up and help us crack that cheeky smile we’ve all been desperately craving. So to help you escape your misery, I’m going to share with you some bingeworthy shows, that are guarenteed to take you on a rollercoaster of a ride. Are you ready?
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Fashion Week and It’s Lockdown…
While we all thought we’d soon be planning our Summer wardrobe and adding those holiday buys to our basket, I think we can all agree that life doesn’t half surprise you. If you’d have told me at the beginning of the year that I would be spending the first bank holiday of the decade in PJ’s, cradling a bottle of wine in front of Disney+, I never would have believed you... yet here we are.   
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16 Feb

A CBD HuGG in a mug

Female led British CBD lifestyle brand, The HuGG Co, formulate CBD products which aim to discover, develop and commercialise CBD products for all UK and EU residents. Using their knowledge and expertise, UK cannabis biotech company CiiTECH have collaborated with the epicentre of cannabis research and development, Israel’s Hebrew University of Jerusalem, to launch their next range of cannabis-based research.

This collaboration has allowed The HuGG brand to deliver market products based on an unparralleled level of quality and expertise. In a industry where the development of CBD is ever-growing, it’s important to be confident and comfortable with the CBD products you choose.

“When you buy The HuGG CBD, you are truly buying the finest-quality, top-grade hemp extract on the market.”


The team behind product development at The HuGG have collaborated and consulted with leading research scientists, to identify innocative, unique CBD formulas. Advanced extraction techniques have been designed to create premium and leading products with mind, body and soul in mind.


The HuGG CBD aims to reveal the true benefits of CBD, which is an fast-growing interest in society. By partnering with research institutions and sponsorship from relevant charities, The HuGG Co is proud to be part of a larger BioTech community in Global Cannabis research.


Each and every HuGG CBD supplement is grown, manufactured, and produced under strict EU agricultural and food processing guidelines and complies with the quality standards set forth by the UK Cannabis Trades Association.

The fine-quality hemp that is infused within the products is top-grade in the market. With a huge variety of CBD products, there really is something for everyone to try. It’s about finding the right product for you and how you choose to incorporate CBD into your every-day routine.

CBD Skin Cream:

The HuGG Co are debuting their first product within their skincare range. The 360 Supercharged CBD Skin Cream is effective all year round on problematic and sensitive skin. This mutli-functional skin cream is the perfect way to introduce yourself to CBD beauty. It’s baby-friendly, vegan, cruelty free and effective, making it an exciting addition to your skincare routine. Enriched with Omega Oils and Pantenol for 360 defense and hydration, this nourishing, thick cream forms a rich barrier over the skin area, supporting the body’s own natural defense process. It applies to the skin like silk and a lot of product goes a long way. There is a slight residue left on the skin surface, which is normal for a nourishing, oil-infused moisturiser. Definitely one to add to the skincare routine!

HuGG Silicone Cup:

An environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cups, the HuGG Silicone Cup is perfect for the HuGG CBD infused Tea and Coffee. The silicone cup is collapsable and is suitable for both hot and cold drinks. Looks fab, folds up, fits in your bag and you’re doing your bit for the environment. What more could you want?

CBD Oil:

The CBD oral drops is ideal for anyone who hasn’t tried CBD, as you’re able to control your dosage and slowly work your way to the perfect balance for your lifestyle. CBD Oil is known to have both physical and psychological benefits. Simply use twice a day, placing 2-4 drops under the tongue and holding for 30 seconds, before swallowing. This is a great starting place if you’re looking to try CBD infused products.

Roll Away:

A handbag essential thats cooling and relaxing; everything you need just when you need it. The HuGG Roll Away is infused with mind and lavender to help promote calmness. Take a second and breathe deep. Roll the gel in circular motions on the temples (or another pressure point), close your eyes and take a deep breath. Repeat 3 times and continue with your day. This product is great for anxiety, when you need a short-term solution to relax and ground yourself and I’ve found it really comforting to have it on me at all times.

CBD Infused Coffee:

If you’re looking for a different way to endeavour CBD, why not try the CBD Infused Coffee. Italian Coffee Beans lovingly infused with hemp & ground coarsely together to create a rich cup of morning coffee or… brew on the go in your HuGG mug. Each sachet is 100g and includes 490mg of CBD.

CBD Infused Tea:

If coffee isn’t your thing, then don’t worry! HuGG also have a CBD Infused Tea, all natural and 60% fruit + caffeine free. This deliciously fruity mix of wild berries and hemp tea have approximately 7mg of CBD per cup. The sachet is wild berries flavoured and caffeine free, with 260mg of CBD.

For more information on The huGG Co and their range, head over to their website.

These products are not for sale to persons under the age of 18. 



Emma Tarabay

Social Media and Editorial Manager at Cohorted Communications / Cohorted Cult 98% of the time you will find me in my pj's, looking at photos of sloths and wishing I had a dog, whilst drinking endless amounts of tea and mango juice. - www.ejtlifestyle.co.uk

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