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Livin’ the Vegan Life: Why & How
Ever thought about diving into the great wide world of veganism? Sure, it may sound like a big undertaking, but when you know what to eat and how to do it, it’s a lot easier than you think. Having years of veganism under my belt, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite easy recipes and hacks for the vegan novice.
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Wellbeing in the Workplace
A new year is here and everyone seems to be on the January bandwagon - Veganuary, no-meat Monday's and of course, the gyms are raking it in with new membership sign-ups! This is a great opportunity for us and will make a huge difference in people's personal wellbeing, making them feel better both physically and mentally for so many reasons. But alongside healthier cooking at home and all those miles on the treadmill, we still really need to consider our wellbeing in the workplace.
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How do I become a gym bunny?
It has recently occurred to me that, although I am yet to turn 25, my body and I are not getting any younger. It’s time to start taking care of myself, and said body, for real this time. And by take care of myself, I don’t mean treat myself to whatever I want food or clothing wise, or to have a pamper night with (insert last months masks) once a week - because I do that anyway.
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6 Essential Skincare Rules from an Expert
Over the past year, I've used hundreds of different beauty products. I've tried out new ingredients, been introduced to new brands and followed lots of different advice... all with the aim of improving my skin. However, with so many beauty trends constantly being flagged as right and wrong and so many conflicting views, I decided it was time to consult an expert for some serious skincare tips.
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6 Feb

Getting the Perfect Brow in 2020

Brows are, in my opinion, the most important thing on your face. They shape and frame your eyes and, let’s face it, bad brows can make a BIG difference; I would know… I over-plucked mine in the ‘90s when I was at school, the time when it was ‘cool’ to have super slim, line brows. Since then, all I’ve done is try to get fat, fluffy, gorgeous brows. I’ve tried pretty much every hack, tool, tip and trick, so I thought I’d pass on what I’ve learnt to help you get fluffy brows for 2020.


A Micro Brow Pencil

The tool I absolutely can’t live without is a micro brow pencil. I’ve tried a range of powders and pencils over the years, but I’ve always found powders not so good at multi-tasking. If you want those light, hair-like strokes to create a natural look, you need a pencil! These also work for filling in the outer parts of your brows with harder strokes. There are all sorts of popular micro pencils out there from brands including Anastacia Beverly Hills or Benefit, however, I’ve now downgraded to more affordable versions. I say downgrade but actually I find the inexpensive versions almost exactly the same. I would recommend the NYX Cosmetics Micro Pencil or the MUA Cosmetics Micro Pencil.

A Brow Gel

Depending on how thick your hair is, will depend on the type of gel you’ll need. You’ll also need to decide if you want your gel to just hold your brows or fill them too. I use both, depending on the look I’m going for. The best gel for hold (it’s like an insane hairspray in a gel) is the Kylie Cosmetics brow gel. If you’re looking for decent hold with some colour, I love the Beautaniq Beauty brow gel which was gifted to me and fills them in nicely with some hold too.

A Concealer

A decent brow look can be helped out with a decent concealer. If you’re like me and tend to mess up your brows a lot, creating a more standout highlight of your arch can be achieved with a good concealer. Try to get a brightening one and make sure you use a small brush!



We all know the saying: ‘your brows are sisters not twins’, however, sometimes mine don’t even look like they’re in the same family and achieving some kind of fake symmetry is needed. To do this I use dots… let me explain…

Basically I take my pencil, place it against the edge of my nostril and at the end of the diagonal, next to my brow, is where I mark the brow should end. Going diagonally through the middle of your eye is where the top of your brow should be and straight up the line of your nose is where the brows should start. Mark little dots and then fill. Simple!

Another hack for getting true symmetry has actually been to draw a monobrow with your brow pencil and then go over the middle with concealer. I haven’t actually tried this – I just worry I’d forget the concealer!

Soap Brows

Soap brows have been around for a while so if you’ve heard all about this, feel free to skip on. If not, it’s easy, take a spoolie brow brush, rub it on a bar of soap and brush your brows. This works at separating the hairs and holding in place.


Similarly to soap brows, I actually use a balm sometimes. If you want to train your eyebrows to go a certain way and you have slightly dry skin, a balm multitasks. I use the glossier balm to brush through which hold them up with a natural look as well as helping with my dry skin. Bonus.

Pen Strokes

There are a range of pens out there you so you can draw super slim lines but in pen instead of crayon. My favourite of these is definitely Glossier’s Brow Flick. It takes a little while to get the hang of using it, but once you do it works a treat for those fake hairs if you’re missing the real thing!


Brow Lamination

This one is next on my list. Very much like a lash lift, it permanently holds the hair in a certain direction – like a perm would curl or a chemical straighten would well… straighten. You can do this yourself (which I’m a little too scared to do) or you can go and get it done professionally. This would save on the brow gel for sure! Holding them all upwards also makes them look bushier.

Brow Tint

This is perfect if you have gaps in your brows or they’re slightly light. My hair is super dark so I don’t have this problem but it again, saves on the pencil with not having to fill in too much.


I’ve never tried this one – the most expensive of all the treatments – this is where you tattoo hairs on. I love the idea of this and have seen many people do it. It would certainly save a lot of time. I would advise finding someone who knows what they’re doing and knows the look you’re after. Also, if you’re someone who likes to change your brows depending on your make-up you might be better off going with something less permanent.



Let’s face it, just having natural bushy brows is the dream and however out of reach, I’m always trying for that. I use RapidLash’s brow gel to help with regrowth and it is amazing. You have to keep using it, but it certainly has helped with re-growth – I might be bald without it. My natural brows are never going to be massive but it will give you significantly more hair than you had before as long as you keep at it religiously.

And that’s it. I wish you all good brows in the ‘20s.
Debbie Attwood

I’m Beauty Glow Girl (also known as Debbie). I don’t claim to be a beauty expert, but I do love trying out new products and I hope to give objective views and honest opinions on all things beauty, as I discover them. I think everyone’s beauty journey is their own and the fun is in finding what works best for you.

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