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Travel-Sized Beauty Favourites for Your Next Holiday
Times are tough right now. As well as the ongoing societal problem of systematic and systemic racism against black people across the world, the Coronavirus pandemic continues. With many of us still abiding by lockdown restrictions, travelling has been severely disrupted.  You may have had a holiday planned that’s been cancelled or postponed. You might have planned to take a quick trip away to escape the hustle and bustle of life. You probably planned a staycation to get away from your hometown for a short while. Regardless of your travel plans, it’s annoying to have to put things on hold. 
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Face SPF Products You Need to Try Right Now
It’s hot. There I said it. It really crept up on us. We were given rain and storms before a heatwave no one saw coming. I’m the first to burn too. I’ll step outside and within 10 minutes, I’m a rosy hue. This list is as much for me as it is you and I’m excited about it, let me tell you. 
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Summer Lovin’
You've binge-watched Normal People, developed a mild case of repetitive strain injury from swiping left on boys who are 'just looking for a quarantine buddy ;)' and Love Island 2020 (much like my own love life) is cancelled.   If you're a hopeless romantic like myself and need your fix of summer lovin' in the absence of skin-tight white jeans peacocking around a firepit (I mock, but I've never missed an episode), then pick up a love story.   
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The Benefits of Meditation On Your Mental Health
Life is still a little on the crazy side right now… I mean, if you’d have asked me back in January what I thought I’d achieve this year, you can bet your bottom dollar I wouldn’t have said building a loungewear collection and not leaving my house for months, other than to go food shopping and walk the dog. No socialising… no holidays… not going into work…  Life has literally been flipped upside down for a lot of people and now more than ever, it’s important to look after our mental health and wellbeing. Spending most of your time alone, or with the same few people in your household can also be hard, especially if you’re a natural social butterfly.  
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26 Jan

A Vegan Diet can Improve Your Sex Life?!

Here’s another reason why switching to a plant-based diet can benefit you… and your partner!

By now we have all heard that swapping to a vegan diet can positively impact our environment and our own health. There are plenty reasons why people stop eating meat and diary, whether that be for ethical reasons or simply not liking the taste. However, there may be a less obvious reason you might want to consider eating a plant-based diet or solely just eating more fruit and veg. An idea for Veganuary, maybe?

Eating more plants can do us a world of good but did you know that eating more of the healthy stuff could improve your activities in the bedroom? Well, many plant-based foods can improve circulation to the brain and other parts of the body. Increased blood circulation means that there is a better physical response… a longer response. Foods which have this effect on our body include fruits, cayenne pepper, leafy greens, dark chocolate, sunflower seeds and beetroots. Plant-based foods are known to be great source of Zinc and Vitamin B which are able to improve libido. So by eating more chickpeas, avocados and bananas it could give you the boost you need! Do we need another excuse to eat more avocado on toast?

In 2006 there was even a study conducted which found that people eating more plant-based foods smelled a lot better than those who ate meat. Some people even suggested that men who ate more fruit and veg had sweeter tasting semen. Nice! While, specifically, pineapple can make vaginas taste better. Now, evidence on that part is inconclusive however there’s nothing to lose by trying it out.

It has been found that the cholesterol and saturated fats found in animal products are more likely to clog our arteries and therefore slow down the flow of blood. Yes, that includes the reduced flow of blood to those vital organs down below. Thus leading to impotence in men which isn’t great news for anyone. But fear not, it has been found that by consuming more plant-based meals it can reverse the effects caused by eating animal products.

So on your next date night try suggesting that new vegan restaurant in town to make sure your night ends just as well as it started.

Ellen Prizeman

I have just graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in Fashion Marketing. I am particularly interested in sustainability, green design and veganism- anything to make the world a better place. Frequently described as 'a bit of a hippie.'

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