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Livin’ the Vegan Life: Why & How
Ever thought about diving into the great wide world of veganism? Sure, it may sound like a big undertaking, but when you know what to eat and how to do it, it’s a lot easier than you think. Having years of veganism under my belt, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite easy recipes and hacks for the vegan novice.
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Wellbeing in the Workplace
A new year is here and everyone seems to be on the January bandwagon - Veganuary, no-meat Monday's and of course, the gyms are raking it in with new membership sign-ups! This is a great opportunity for us and will make a huge difference in people's personal wellbeing, making them feel better both physically and mentally for so many reasons. But alongside healthier cooking at home and all those miles on the treadmill, we still really need to consider our wellbeing in the workplace.
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How do I become a gym bunny?
It has recently occurred to me that, although I am yet to turn 25, my body and I are not getting any younger. It’s time to start taking care of myself, and said body, for real this time. And by take care of myself, I don’t mean treat myself to whatever I want food or clothing wise, or to have a pamper night with (insert last months masks) once a week - because I do that anyway.
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6 Essential Skincare Rules from an Expert
Over the past year, I've used hundreds of different beauty products. I've tried out new ingredients, been introduced to new brands and followed lots of different advice... all with the aim of improving my skin. However, with so many beauty trends constantly being flagged as right and wrong and so many conflicting views, I decided it was time to consult an expert for some serious skincare tips.
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21 Dec

Myth Busting the Instagram Health Trends

Instagram can be a fantastic outlet for inspiring and motivating people to improve their health. However, sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up blue ticks and followers without actually taking a step back to ask yourself “Does this person know what they’re talking about?”. Here are three Instagram health trends that aren’t what they may seem…

  1. Having abs means you are super healthy

A defined toned stomach doesn’t always indicate health! We are bombarded with pictures that fit an image we have been conditioned to believe is “ideal”. However, just because someone has abs on show it doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthy as it doesn’t take into consideration their relationship with food, mental state or stress levels which are extremely important for overall health and wellbeing. Health should be viewed with a holistic approach and it cannot be pin pointed to aesthetics.

  1. There are magic teas that make you “detox” and drop weight

Probably the number one promoted thing in the weight loss realm of Instagram is ‘detox teas’ endorsed by many celebrities and influencers for their detoxifying properties. This is a false. Your body is extremely equipped to detox itself! Support yourself with delicious healthy food and do not buy into the detox tea trend as it can cause more harm than good.

  1. Protein is the most important macronutrient

Over the years protein had become a macronutrient that gets a lot of attention. However, carbs and fat are just as important as each macronutrient has a different role to play within the body. For example, carbohydrates provide use with energy and fats are crucial for keeping our hormones happy. The recommended intake of protein is 0.75g per KG of bodyweight which is a lot less than 1 – 2g per pound of bodyweight I often see recommended through social media platforms.

Shannon McCarthy - Williams

Shannon is an associate nutritionist registered with the Association of Nutrition. She achieved a First class BSc in Human Nutrition and provides informative articles, recipes and nutrition coaching through Wiseater Nutrition. Her goal is to educate people about nutrition so they can feel, look and be their best. She is all about balance and has a holistic view on nutrition believing we should eat to nourish not only our bodies but also our minds.

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