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Top Health & Wellness Questions Answered by a Nutritionist
This week we caught up with founder of Wiseater Nutrition Shannon McCarthy – Williams. Shannon’s initial interest for nutrition was sparked when suffering from cystic acne forced her to look more closely at her diet and how this can affect and improve your mind, body and mental health. Fast forward a few years, Shannon is now a qualified Nutritionist who works with a range of clients to help them achieve optimum health and nutrition.
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Fast Fashion: The Devastating Impacts
With #secondhandseptember starting to fade in our rearview mirrors, the topic of ‘fast fashion’ has never been hotter. According to Greenpeace, fast fashion has risen 60% over the last 15 years, racking up consumers carbon footprints, and causing serious damage to our climate.
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Our Favourites from the Indie Beauty Expo!
23rd October 2019, Cohorted Communications attended the Indie Beauty Expo; an event to showcase and celebrate the best independent and upcoming beauty brands in the industry. After attending the 2018 IBE (Indie Beauty Expo) convention, we were excited for what the 2019 event exhibitors had to offer. There’s nothing like a day trip from Leeds to London, to meet exciting brands who are ready to take the beauty and skincare market by storm, to get us going!
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27 Nov

What’s a bath without Olverum?

If the beautiful, rich packaging wasn’t enough, the real thing was something else. The experience was indulgent from the minute the cap was off the sleek green glass bottle, the deluxe product warrants the price; 5 drops to take away the worries of that day? Well it’s safe to say, Olverum works. And it works wonders.

Containing 10 pure essential oils, carefully blended to work synergistically, it took only 5 tiny drops for the stress of dissertations and life worries to melt away, as I dipped the tip of my toes into what felt like a fragrant field. The eucalyptus and lemon scents eased my head, and helped send calmness all through your body, transforming both the mind and body. ‘Relax, Restore, Renew’, well they’re not lying!

The oil is designed to help achieve a great nights’ sleep and is an effective way to naturally relive stress as well as easing aching or sore muscles. Perfect for bath season.

My favourite part of my Olverum experience, was the moment my shoulders were fully submerged underwater and the scented steam filled the bathroom. The gorgeous aromas were so strong, they were still lingering the next day. My housemates very much appreciated my way of ‘sharing’…

The blissful intensity of their Bath Oil was instant and the quality of the product really topped off the luxury experience. Realistically, one drop would still work wonders, so a little can go a long way. Just by closing my eyes I felt as though I had been transported to a 5* spa and knowing that the product was 100% natural, cruelty- free and vegan eased the head even more.

Self-care isn’t always fixed by a bubble bath, but it’s a great place to start. Sometimes if it’s too hot, your brain still won’t turn off and especially if you’ve over-done it on the bubbles. Olverum is the perfect consistency, so you’re not sliding around trying to reach for the shampoo… It feels indulgent and restorative; and doesn’t leave the skin oily, another perk!

I was still feeling super relaxed the following morning, all thanks to the Olverum bath oil, allowing the lavendar and rosemary sink into my skin, inducing a fab nights sleep. It was so gorgeous, at one point I was tempted to use it as perfume.

Olverum has made me appreciate how important ‘me-time’ is and the only thing I would change about it if it could, would be a pipette for the distribution of oil to save it and allow the product to go further. There’s no turning back once you’ve started. I’m trying to imagine a bath without Olverum, but I’m not sure I want to…

Get your hands on the Olverum Bath Oil just in time for Christmas!

125ml: £35 and will be enough for 25 baths.

250ml: £62 and will be enough for 50 baths.

Travel Set: £24 and will be enough for 9 baths.


**Contains PR Gifted Items

Rosa Woodmansey

PR and Editorial Executive at Cohorted Communications/Cohorted Cult in my final year of University and trying to work out how to adult, love food far too much, eating or cooking, my favourite evening would probably be eating chilli watching pretty woman.

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