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Top Health & Wellness Questions Answered by a Nutritionist
This week we caught up with founder of Wiseater Nutrition Shannon McCarthy – Williams. Shannon’s initial interest for nutrition was sparked when suffering from cystic acne forced her to look more closely at her diet and how this can affect and improve your mind, body and mental health. Fast forward a few years, Shannon is now a qualified Nutritionist who works with a range of clients to help them achieve optimum health and nutrition.
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Fast Fashion: The Devastating Impacts
With #secondhandseptember starting to fade in our rearview mirrors, the topic of ‘fast fashion’ has never been hotter. According to Greenpeace, fast fashion has risen 60% over the last 15 years, racking up consumers carbon footprints, and causing serious damage to our climate.
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Our Favourites from the Indie Beauty Expo!
23rd October 2019, Cohorted Communications attended the Indie Beauty Expo; an event to showcase and celebrate the best independent and upcoming beauty brands in the industry. After attending the 2018 IBE (Indie Beauty Expo) convention, we were excited for what the 2019 event exhibitors had to offer. There’s nothing like a day trip from Leeds to London, to meet exciting brands who are ready to take the beauty and skincare market by storm, to get us going!
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14 Oct

Make Your Next Trip A Lot Easier With These 3 Phone Hacks

hanks to my busy schedule, I don’t get to travel a lot. But, when I do travel, I always work to make the most out of the experience. From all my adventures around the world and across the country, I have learned a few phone hacks that make travelling a lot easier. So, if you are embarking on an adventure soon, here are some tried and proven hacks from my travels that I hope you can use. Bon Voyage!


When travelling, the data connection can always pose a problem. You won’t know when your internet connection starts acting up. Unless your phone is from the Bronze Age, you have limitless options for offline maps. The simplest one of all the options would be Google’s OK Maps.

Open Google Maps on your phone and go to the area you are going to explore. In the search bar, type ‘OK Maps’ and download the map to your phone. When you open the saved maps later, you will initially be taken to Google Maps and the information about all the streets, restaurants, and attractions will be saved about the area you originally mapped.

Though first time users might find this a bit difficult, with little practice you can always find your way around.


If you haven’t synced your calendar between your laptop and phone, then it should be the first thing you do before travelling.

Your calendar is a valuable tool that you should never overlook. As mobile calendars automatically adjust to the time difference when travelling, you will never miss another reservation, appointment, or flights which are originally saved in your local time.

If you are travelling overseas, and have to be on conference calls back in your native, the appointments you made will precisely show up in the calendar so that you won’t get confused about the deadlines.


Not a fan of complicated passcodes? You are asking for big trouble.

Typically, if someone wants to steal your identity, all they would require is your phone. After all, our phones are carriers of almost every single personal information about our life plus our photos. Thieves can use your phone to reset every password you have including social sites, banks, the video doorbell, medical records, and you name it. They can even send emails and receive texts posing as you behind the screen.

As we live in the age of the cloud, access to your phone means access to making your life miserable. So, always go for a complicated passcode, and it’s even better if you can use a fingerprint or FaceID. Also, don’t forget to change the ‘0000’ password bypass you set when you first bought the phone.

Susan Johnson

Aloha! I am a writer by day and a reader by night who lives in Bangalore. I have an unhealthy obsession with trying out new recipes and wishes I had time to become better at cooking.

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