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Sustainability this Christmas
Making small changes of swapping out single-use plastic for reusable versions, trying to use public transport or walking instead of using the car and cutting down on the amount of meat and dairy we consume are just some of the things we the public, as a collective are trying to do in order to try and save our planet.
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A Introduction to Life as a Millennial Mum
When my first daughter Violet was born, my life turned upside down. I thought I was ready for motherhood but honestly, NOTHING can prepare you – the earth-shattering, heart-stopping moment you are handed that warm, slightly sticky, gooey new bundle to love is quite frankly the most daunting moment of my life, but also the very best moment too.
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How to avoid the Christmas Crash
The crazy season is upon us. Through media advertising, in-store and online marketing, family pressures and a crammed social diary, it’s not surprising you feel utterly exhausted by the time Christmas arrives. As the countdown officially begins, now is a crucial time to really take care.
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Money-Saving Tips for the Festive Period
Christmas is fast approaching and I wanted to share with you some tips that may help you save some money when purchasing gifts and make a little money towards extra expenditure!
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3 Oct

On Wednesdays we wear Pink, unless October 3rd is a Thursday

“On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was”. One of the most iconic lines ever written in cinematic history. Okay, that might be a bit of a reach. But Mean Girls has undoubtedly left its mark on pop culture as one of the most unforgettable and meme-worthy movies of all time.

That’s why we decided to celebrate Mean Girls Day in pure Cohorted Cult style. Here’s our On Wednesdays We Wear Pink style edit, featuring the hottest instagram fashion influencers. Because on Mean Girls Day, we wear pink. Even if it’s not Wednesday. Enjoy.

@sonnyturner__’s baby pink wrap dress




Sonny’s baby pink wrap dress definitely made it in the faves list, and she’s looking absolutely stunning in it. What a babe.

Ps. our vote was definitely for grand theft autumn.

@stylelobster’s bright pink dress + leather jacket outfit




The hot pink dress + leather jacket combo is always a win-win. We are absolutely OBSESSED with Emile’s date night outfit and we think you will be too.

@fashionbyvaida’s pastel pink pantsuit




We wish we could rock up to work everyday wearing this pastel pink pantsuit Viada is wearing. What a stunning shot and a boss outfit. #ootdgoals

@uzypaws’s hot pink pool get-up




Okay, okay, the weather doesn’t really allow it anymore, but a girl can dream right? We had to include Uzy’s perfectly colour coordinated swimsuit+caftan combo in our style edit. A literal goddess.

@mariajblogs’s blazer + shorts set




How cute is the pastel pink shorts + blazer combo Maria is wearing in this shot? Made the best dressed list. 11/10.

@thefashionbublog’s colour coordinated pram + coat combo




Pram + coat colour coordination? Possibly one of the most adorable thing’s we’ve ever seen in our lives. Laura, girl, you’re a mum’s dream.

Giada Origlia

PR Executive at Cohorted Communications, Journalist and Podcast Producer. Originally from Milan, Italy, now based in Leeds. If I'm not writing articles, you'll find me writing songs. Or at least trying.

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