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1 Oct

GHD: Ink on Pink Collection

GHD ‘Ink on Pink Collection’ for Breast Cancer Now. We are now in October which officially means it’s ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ and for the first time ever, ghd have not only raised our expectations, but have raised the standards for other charitable campaigns in the industry. For over 15 years, ghd have supported breast cancer charities globally and have raised over $18 million in support of women’s health. Help them achieve their new goal of raising a further $1 million with the new collection.

In collaboration with Breast Cancer Now, the UK’s largest breast cancer charity, ghd’s new ‘Ink on Pink Collection’ is live. For this project, ghd have partnered with Chicago-based mastectomy tattoo artist, David Allen who is widely recognised within the medical community for his work, to create a limited edition design tattooed on the body of their straighteners. The stunning ethereal floral design is placed on a delicate pink colour; a beautiful tribute to those affected by breast cancer.

Since 2010, David has specialised in using art to support women affected by breast cancer after surgery. He is known to work with oncologists for advice when creating these intricate designs. These limited edition tattooed straighteners are still premium performance. As the only editable design, flowers are used as they symbolise life, rebirth and femininity, whilst empowering women and giving them control back over their bodies.

The ‘Ink on Pink Collection’ supports research for Breast Cancer Now, the UK’s largest breast cancer charity, dedicated to funding research into this devastating disease. Their aim is that by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live. By joining forces, every purchase of the new ghd ink on pink collection will donate £10 to vital cancer research.

A stunning new styler, embellished with David Allen’s signature floral design, aimed to support strong women globally. What’s not to love?


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