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22 Oct

2019 pop culture Halloween costumes based on your star sign

It’s never too early to start thinking about Halloween, especially not once it hits September. Summer’s over, it’s getting colder, the leaves are changing colour, and the best holiday of the year is just around the corner. No, I don’t mean Christmas, I absolutely mean Halloween.

Every single year I make the same mistake. I get too excited, plan a ridiculous outfit, and then completely forget to buy anything and go with the same old cat /cheerleader/vampire ensemble I’ve been recycling for years. Learn from my mistakes with a handy guide into the best 2019 pop culture Halloween costumes, handily categorised based on star signs. You’re welcome.

Aries – Villanelle

Aries: independent, fierce, will stand up for what they want, and will absolutely fight a man to get their own way – remind you of anyone? Killing Eve’s Villanelle is an entire Aries mood; not afraid of anything and ready to spring into action at any moment, bored easily, restless, playful, energetic, will mess with your head to get a kick. Yeah, we’ve all dated a few Aries’ in our time, and we all wish we’d dated Villanelle. Plus, that creative side of the fire sign comes out in her extravagant outfits, which is what makes her so much fun to dress up as for Halloween. All you need is a pink tulle dress and some black biker boots and you’ll recreate her most iconic moment.

Virgo – Sansa Stark

Sansa is the epitome of a Virgo: strong-willed, a perfectionist, the ability to sit back and wait, biding her time, calculating the best plan of action which ultimately led to her being a queen. She’s successful, intimidating, and incredibly clever, and she knows how to play the long game without getting distracted by anything. Notice how she became Queen of the North without a man by her side? An icon. Grab a black dress, a crown, and a red wig and call yourself a Stark.

Scorpio – Robin from Stranger Things

In honour of a bad ass Scorpio lesbian I know that embodies everything Robin is about. Get yourself a Scoops Ahoy costume – we all know they’ll be everywhere this year – and pretend I put more effort into this one.

Taurus – Ariana Grande, “7 Rings”

Taurus’ are earth signs dominated by the bull, which means they’re feisty and they have an appreciation of consumerism. That sounds bad, but essentially it just means that Taurus’ like to surround themselves with things that give them pleasure, and make their life better somehow. Can’t imagine them turning down breakfast at Tiffany’s or writing their own cheques, can you? Plus the outfit is a whole vibe, perfect for a Taurus with other-worldly confidence.

Pisces – Taylor Swift in “Lover”

Pisces are the dreamboats of the zodiac, romantics at heart, absolute daydreamers through and through. They meet a boy once, and suddenly they’ve fantasised 20 different ways they might possibly meet again in the future in some form of “meet cute” rom-com scenario. Pisces are simultaneously sweet and sexy, just like “Lover” is sensual in its melody and passionate it’s in lyrics. Can you imagine any other star sign swooning over the “dazzling haze, mysterious way about you, dear” while promising to be “overdramatic and true to my lover”? It’s a Pisces mood and we are here for it. Plus, with so many different outfit choices in the music video, there’s endless opportunities here – you could even have a “Lover” themed Halloween party if you wanted. Just make sure to dye the ends of your hair pink.

Gemini – Kylie Jenner / Jordyn Woods / Khloé Kardashian drama

One for a trio of BFFs – or ex-BFFs potentially – Geminis are both ends of the spectrum, but they’re more typically associated with snakes. Sorry to be blunt, but it’s true. This year, for Halloween, just embrace the savageness and embody the truly wonderful celebrity gossip that came out of 2019. Seriously, the Kardashian / Jenner / Woods clan hasn’t been the same since – and your life has never looked more mundane.

Cancer – Sharon Tate from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

I’ll be honest, the biggest pull for matching Cancers with Sharon Tate is the 60s element, which just screams lofty, aloof, daydreaming Cancers. I mean sure they can also bite when they need and I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with them (mostly because they’ll probably cry and my Virgo ass can’t deal with that level of emotion), but ultimately they always seem like they’re somewhere else. Grab yourself a black top, white leather skirt, and some tall white boots.

Leo – Beyoncé in Lion King

Leos are the lions of the zodiac, so obviously for Halloween, they’re going to want to embrace the most badass lion to come out of 2019: Beyoncé in Disney’s remake of The Lion King. Honestly, I’m not sure it needs any more explanation.

Libra – Beck and Joe from ‘You’

A good couples costume for any libra placements because, somehow, libras are BOTH Beck and Joe from ‘You’. Bear with me on this one. They always seem a bit ditzy, just like Beck (why didn’t she ever close her damn curtains?!?), but they end up being the smartest people you know, with endless creativity that makes you feel proud and insecure at the same time. They notice the little things (hello, Joe was way too attentive) and they don’t like taking the lead too much because they genuinely just don’t mind what you do, as long as you’re together. True, not exactly couple goals, but definitely Halloween costume goals.

Sagittarius – Lizzo

A symbol of unapologetic confidence, Lizzo is an icon for women and young girls everywhere. Given that Sagittarius’ are the queens of posting ambiguous song lyrics, calling you out if you even think about taking a boy back, and will get impatient so insanely easily they’ll just go and sort it out for themselves, could they literally be anybody but Lizzo this year? God is a woman, and her name is Lizzo.

Capricorn – Billie Eilish

“So, you’re a tough guy, like it really rough guy, just can’t get enough guy” is a sarcastic, “I’m better than you” mood that fits exactly with Capricorns. These earth signs are grounded and they know who they are and what they want. They talk methodically but only becuase there’s no point wasting time saying things they don’t mean, they’re not overly emotional, and they have their life together even if it’s not in a conventional way. A Billie Eilish mood if ever I saw one.

Aquarius – Fleabag

This year Fleabag reached cult status – there’s even a stage show, and to celebrate Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Andrew Scott handed out tinnies to people in line, which is such an Aquarius mood it almost hurts. Aquarius; are sarcastic, won’t admit it if you’ve hurt their feelings, tend to miss social cues – or ignore them to create a little drama – and they are the most powerful presence in the room. Just completely accidentally, I might add. Plus, all you need is a cute cut out jumpsuit and a cross body bag. Easiest costume ever.

Alex Wright

I’m a freelance writer and digital artist working in marketing and social media. I’m an avid animal lover, protector of bees, flexi-vegan (don’t ask) and a self-proclaimed feminist queen. You’ll probably find me standing awkwardly at the bar getting a little too drunk during social events.

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